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a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

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This might be considered reaching out for new audiences with a vengeance--recreate the atmosphere of a dance club, turn up the volume and they will come.
At the time, the city had only two or three dedicated dance clubs and was still a town ruled by karaoke.
Usen's understanding of the emerging nexus between underground club culture and mainstream music trends was initially taken up by Avex, now Japan's biggest record company, when in the mid-1990s it bought one of Tokyo's most influential dance clubs, Velfarre.
announced the opening of the Nile Rodgers MP3 Dance Club MP3-D Chat World, the first online environment that simulates a "real-world" dance club.
This is the first online space that recreates the feel of a real dance club," says Rodgers, multi-platinum Grammy award-winning producer of megahits such as "Let's Dance," "Like a Virgin," and "We Are Family," among many others.
Generation Xtremes has quickly become popular, as have the many dance clubs throughout the country--once the domain of adults only.
If you live near a city, you can also find lasers pumping with the music in dance clubs and "raves," huge dance parties.
Through her rise in the 1980s, Madonna never tagged herself as disco, but her music bubbled out of the dance clubs and onto the pop charts.
In between tour dates with Morgan, Richard will perform at country dance clubs, starting with Red Eyes Dock Club in Kent Narrows, Maryland on August 20 and wrapping at Coyotes in Augusta, Georgia on August 29.
Ballroom dance provides a safe form of contact, so safe, it seems, that many women now go to ballroom dance clubs alone.
Each episode will feature one-of- a-kind, in-studio performances, the hot steps from country dance clubs nationwide, new music videos and backstage profiles on established stars, as well as artists with careers-in-the-making.
Founded in March of 1999, Visiosonic manufactures proprietary, state-of-the-art PC-based digital music performance systems, and distributes dance records and CDs to professional DJs, performers, dance clubs, and dance music lovers around the world.
Currently, lap dance clubs are licensed like a pub or karaoke night with a premises licence.
Parents may find the new scene at dance clubs quite similar to those of the mid-'60s - including go-go dancers - but dancing talents are not nearly as important as wearing the right ensemble, dance fans say.
NEW licensing rules will not protect a town from late-night opening hours and future lap dance clubs.