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a spot that is open late at night and that provides entertainment (as singers or dancers) as well as dancing and food and drink

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She said she's been dancing since first grade and one of the reasons she chose FSU was because of its large dance club.
Natalie Wooff attends the Dance Club regularly and said: "Dancing is fun and it keeps us fit.
A SECOND erotic dance club is to open in Huddersfield.
During the session, Mercian Ice Dance Club members and senior dance coaches Duncan Leonard and Lynn Burton will be offering assistance.
Amplification of recorded material or electronically generated sonic sources has risen to alarming levels, and woe to those of us who have not misspent our youths at rock concerts or dance clubs acquiring premature cases of tinnitus.
Womb and the plethora of dance clubs that have risen from the ashes of Japan's crippling economic recession are the sites of a fertile new market, incubators for a potentially huge marketing demographic.
MP3 Dance Club has taken the exact model of radio, providing users with a community of like-minded individuals.
But dance clubs have sprung up across the country like bad Britney clones.
A WHEELCHAIR dance club in Birmingham for disabled and nondisabled people is looking for new members and volunteers.
It's closer to home - local, home-grown Fitchburg State College Dance Club students who can tap, step, hip-hop and jazzily dance the pants off of any professional dancers reality TV can offer.
DANCE Club is an after school activity on Monday nights, 3:15pm till 4:15pm.
LANCASTER - Nearly 500 students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades enjoyed dancing, eating and winning prizes at a new middle-school dance club called DJ's Place.
announced the opening of the Nile Rodgers MP3 Dance Club MP3-D Chat World, the first online environment that simulates a "real-world" dance club.
Connecticut College in New London had its spring dance club and senior major dance concert in April and May.