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move with or as if with a tremor

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It also offers a 10-foot-high rotating climbing wall, PlayStation 2 games connected to stationary bikes and Dance Dance Revolution machines.
activities would stack up against Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) and another active video game called Winds of Orbis: An Active Adventure (Orbis).
With funding from RWJF's Health Games Research national program, nine research teams across the country will conduct extensive studies to discover, for example, how the popular dance pad video game Dance Dance Revolution might help Parkinson's patients reduce the risk of falling, how Wii Active might be most effectively implemented in high schools to help overweight students lose weight, how a mobile phone game with a breath interface might help smokers quit or reduce their tobacco use, or how facial recognition games might be designed to help people with autism learn to identify others' emotions.
The five most popular games among American teens are Guitar Hero, Halo 3, Madden NFL, solitaire, and Dance Dance Revolution.
LANCASTER - Kids strummed and bopped the night away at Thayer Memorial Library's Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero party last week.
That vision was an Interactive Fitness Center, equipped with fun technologies that would motivate elementary students to exercise, such as the popular video game Dance Dance Revolution that has students performing dance moves.
For example, some students get help with homework, go on community outings, practice cooking or craft projects or do fun exercises like the Dance Dance Revolution computer-guided dance game.
This game, Dance Dance Revolution, is more aerobically beneficial than most video games because the participants use much more than their thumbs to play.
Twister Moves, a variation on the original Twister game by Milton Bradley has elements of Dance Dance Revolution and Simon Says.
However, the recent mass market success of the Nintendo Wii and innovative titles like Dance Dance Revolution, look for consumer products to target a larger audience and for licensing to begin to reach outside of traditional categories of apparel and accessories.
Porter began producing at age 13 having caught the electronic music bug from video games, specifically Dance Dance Revolution.
Teens between the ages of 13 and 18 are invited to play Nintendo Wii, Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution from 3 p.
In a new fitness center, students will use technologies such as Sportwall International and Dance Dance Revolution to deliver cardiovascular workouts in a game format.
A Dance Dance Revolution competition for children in Grades 6 and older will be held from 2 to 5 p.
The California Highway Patrol sponsored a non-vehicle-centered activity, cheering on children frantically gyrating to Dance Dance Revolution.