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First comes the portico, visible from afar, then the statues of the Danaids which one will see as a group from a reasonable distance and then, on coming closer, one will be able to discern the image of Danaus among them.
57) According to this excluded lover, Lyde's refusing the lyre's plea (on behalf of the poet) would constitute a crime matching that of the daughters of Danaus, now paying a heavy price for this transgression in the Underworld.
3-8, Jones 1931) explains how Danaus founded a temple of Apollo Lykeios (wolflike) in Argos as a monument to his own wolfish cunning in his rise to power.
The mesmerizing bliss of the dance, resulting from free, unfettered movement and the fulfillment of individual desires, appears in other New Woman texts, including George Egerton's "A Cross Line" (1893) and Mona Caird's The Daughters of Danaus (1894).
Only Mona Caird's heroine Hadria Fullerton in The Daughters of Danaus (1894) faces squarely the real barriers erected by "social forces that militate against women realizing their full creative potential" (p.
Marjorie's Welish's painting and poetry call to this "engaged and intellectually versatile public," soliciting its attention as the daughters of Danaus were called by Orpheus from their ceaseless sieving of water, to be caught in the nets of art.
The princess compares the fairies to Danaides, to the daughters of Danaus whose punishment in Hades was to draw water eternally in sieves from a deep well.
Like the Danaus Plexippus, the butterfly that migrates many miles and is deemed a strong flier, Matty stands on the ship, swept by the sea winds; she is a sturdy traveler of mental and physical terrains (Shuttleworth 158).
Aeschylus' play recounts the flight of the fifty daughters of Danaus (the Danaids) from their fifty first cousins, the sons of Aegyptus, and their supplication of the king of Argos for protection.
Each fall, an epic, fluttering flight to the coast of California and northern Baja California keeps Danaus plexippus ahead of frost's deadly chill.
ixodetis Harmonia axyridis 0-49 35 relative) Danaus chrysippus 40 14 Spiroplasma poulsonii Drosophila willistoni 0-3 20 Wolbachia group flies Acraea encedon 61-95 36 Acraea encedana 95 21 Adalia bipunctata 0-5 9 Unnamed Flavobacteria Coleomegilla maculata 23 37 Adonia variegata 13 38 Arsenophonus nasoniae Nasonia vitripennis 4 15 Rickettsia Adalia bipunctata 5-7 6,39 Unknown D.
Rider Haggard's She, Sarah Grand's The Beth Book, and Mona Caird's The Daughters of Danaus, for example, also manipulate time in interesting yet diverse ways - none does so more insistently, consistently, and pervasively than African Farm.