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The formal DFID-KSDA project to manage Danau Sentarum only lasted five years (1992-1997), but low-level inputs continued.
In the city of Passau on the Danau River, a state of maximum alertness was
The flood inundated thousands of houses at the villages of Sungai Danau, Jombang, Bukit Baru, Sinar Bulan, and Satui with the water level reaching up to one meter, ANTARA quoted Tanah Bumbu district administration spokesman Ardiansyah as saying.
Back in our house in Danau Bira, we received care from friends and neighbours.
The socialization program invited all nine village chiefs of Ulak Batu, Palingkau, Cempaka Baru, Telaga Pulang, Baung, Jahitan, Muara Dua, Tanjung Rengas dan Sungai Perlu, and the subdistrict heads of danau Sembuluh subdistrict and Seruyan Ilir subdistrict.
Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Bellevue Nusa Dua 2014 Condotel, Bali PT Bukit Hotel Melia Rp 200 billion 2015 Darmo Property Adhiwangsa in Surabaya PT Danau Hotel Avani di Rp 2 trillion 2015 Winata Indah Nusa Dua, Bali Bali Hotel 2015 Condotel Oaks Appartemen 2015 Nusa Dua, Bali PT Ciputra Hotel 200 rooms US$ 400 million 2015 Development in Canggu, Bali Tbk PT Adhi Properti Hotel Grand Dhika Rp 750 billion 2015 in Jakarta, Bekasi, Semarang, Medan, Surabaya Source: ICN processed
Scientists at the Danau Girang Field Centre in Sabah hope the project will reveal how the populations of vital animals are faring in the wildlife-rich area of the Malaysian forest, where scores if iconic beasts are battling extinction.
In Borneo, the school is working with Malaysia's Sabah Wildlife Department at our Danau Girang Field Centre.
A gan fod 'na dros 2,000 o danau damweiniol mewn cartrefi yng Nghymru bob blwyddyn, do'n i'm isio bod yn ystadegyn arall, nago'on?
comparatus = comparable to), in which he grouped Santiria and Dacryodes, at Danau Padang (c.
Frenzied Danau Drummond, Marlon Howell and Gary Hutchinson, all 18, shouted racist abuse as they repeatedly stamped on his motionless body, Nottingham Crown Court heard.
1 carats/cubic metre - the same grade reported by local miners and Ashton Mining/Malaysian Mining corporation at the Danau Seran a project inland on the same channel system - the Sunda Shelf project could produce 100,000 carats of gem diamonds a year from the processing of 1 million cubic metres of gravels and generate a project net profit after tax of US$9.
Tanjung Puting National Park stretches throughout West Kotawaringin, Kumai subdistrict, with an area of 253,860 hectares, and Danau Sembuluh and Seruyan Hilir, Hanau subdistrict, Seruyan regency, with an area of 161,180 hectares.
Ademas and Khasmir 2006 Laporart Monitoring Perdagangan Burung Belibis Kembang di Ekosistem Danau Mahakam Kalimantan Timur.
But Welsh scientists, who are based at the Danau Girang Field Centre in Sabah, warned the "iconic species" could be lost if mitigating conservation efforts aren't brought in.