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Capitalizing on DANAOS Projects' expertise in construction ERP Solutions and the construction project management experience of ALTA PMC in the Middle East, Danaos and ALTA have launched an ERP system "ProjectView" exclusively for the construction industry.
Speedcast International Limited (ASX: SDA), a provider of remote communication and IT solutions, and Danaos Peripherals have announced a strategic alliance agreement under which the two companies will combine maritime communications with advanced application management developed by Danaos, the companies said.
The Danaos Total Transparency service counters and Optimer low front plug-in multideck cabinets, along with other Carrier refrigerated display cabinets will be featured in the newly refurbished INTERSPAR Pesterzsbet hypermarket in Budapest, as well as the new INTERSPAR rd hypermarket, near Budapest.
Navios, Danaos and CCC are Greek companies while EPS is based in Singapore.
Procede del principe egipcio Danao, quien habia buscado refugio en Grecia, donde erigio la ciudad de Argos.
The Greek-owned and NYSE listed companies were representated by George Zanias, Chairman, National Bank of Greece; Nick Tavlarios, President of Aegean Marine Petroleum Network; John Coustas, President and CEO and Iraklis Prokopakis, COO of Danaos Shipping: Anastasios Margaronis, President, Ioannis Zafirakis, COO and Andreas Michalopoulos, CFO of Diana Shipping / Diana Containers; Ted Petrone, President of Navios Group NM; Paul Durham, CFO and Harry Kosmatos, Senior Manager - Corporate Development of Tsakos Energy Navigation; and, Tasos Aslides, CFO of US-listed Euroseas.
cum fatalis equus saltu super ardua venit 515 Pergama et armatum peditem gravis attulit alvo, ilia chorum simulans euhantis orgia circum ducebat Phrygias; flammam media ipsa tenebat ingentem et summa Danaos ex arce vocabat.
The NGO mentions companies like Danaos and Euroseas (Greece), Conti, Hapag-Lloyd and Leonhardt & Blumberg (Germany), but also Mediterranean Shipping (Switzerland) and Sammy Ofer Group (Monaco).
Danaos, who had led them to Argos, asked them to carry bouquets of white flowers to the statue of Aidoios Zeus (Zeus of Respect)--and say only respectful words ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], aidoia) to be consistent in matching ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], synonymon) with the gestures and situation.
Greek investors Fourlis and Danaos plan to invest EUR 70 M in a residential complex and a further EUR 50 M in a business project, both part of the EUR 300 M Sofia Ring Development.
Por primera vez en muchos anos las puertas de Troya se abrieron y los habitantes de la ciudad pudieron caminar por la playa y recorrer asombrados las incendiadas tiendas de campana del ejercito de los Danaos (uno de los nombres colectivos, ademas del de Argivos y Aqueos, con el que se designaba al conjunto de los pueblos griegos en la Edad Heroica) hasta llegar, mas asombrados aun, al lugar donde se erguia el enorme caballo.
Associated Press reported that was flying between Abuja, the capital and Lagos, DanaOs home hub.
Weatherman Stav Danaos said he may have a new rival for his job.
Evercore, a restructuring adviser in the USA, is already building its European and EMEA footprint, helping Greek Danaos with its restructuring efforts and currently counselling Global Investment House, based in Kuwait, and Danish Torm A/S.
It met with some initial success in Spain and has since been launched in Portugal and Italy, where it is called Danaos.