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The Danaos CC and Cabrio convertible counters eliminate the need for shop operators to purchase multiple displays, offering the option to change the merchandise setup as needed.
Already a prudent and prescient Laocoon warned in Virgil's Aeneid, "Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes" (I fear the Greeks, even offering presents; 2:49), when the Trojans argue about whether or not to drag into the city the giant wooden horse left behind by the departing fleet of Greek warriors.
Inventory Locator Service,[R] LLC (ILS) recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Danaos Management Consultants S.
BBC weatherman Stav Danaos last night hailed the royal couple's forecasting debuts.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Greek shipping company Danaos Corporation, HP, and Intel.
and we have already established a presence in Europe having advised Greece-based Danaos Corporation on its comprehensive restructuring and we are currently advising Denmark-based Torm A/S and Kuwait-based Global Investment House.
A new team - Christopher Blanchett, Cat Cubie and Stavros Danaos - will stand in from next month.
SEOUL - The Export-Import Bank of Korea will offer US$135 million in loan to Danaos Holding Ltd, Greece's largest container shipping company, to help its purchases of two container ships from Samsung Heavy Industries Co.
NYSE: FRO), Danaos Corporation (NYSE: DAC) and Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited (NYSE: TNP).
General Maritime, along with other clients such as Danaos Shipping, select the Broadband Maritime system for its high speed, permanent broadband connection and its reasonable fixed monthly service fee.
Danaos Peripherals Ltd, part of Danaos Group of Companies has placed its first order of Set Top Boxes (STB) and Orasis(R) PC Tablets for use on their clients' cruise ships.
Over 200 international maritime clients of Danaos are scheduled to participate.