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race of Celtic gods or demigods

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The Fir Bolg were progeny of Semeon, grandson to Nemed, who had been forced to flee Ireland when the country was taken over by the Fomoire; another grandson of Nemed, Beothach, fathered the people who would become known as the Tuatha De Danann.
Hailing from a talented, musical background (her father was an acclaimed fiddler and her mother a successful singer), Mary performed in her family's group alongside future recording artist sister, Frances and sang with Irish traditional outfit, De Danann, in the early eighties.
Here one might also wish to compare the Celtic myth of Miach, murdered son of the Tuatha De Danann physician Dian Cecht, from the joints and sinews of whose body grow 365 medicinal herbs.
There is little between Market Mariner and Tuatha de Danann on last month's Downpatrick form, but Paddy Flood's presence on the former may swing the balance in the Ladbrokes Handicap Hurdle.
Red, by Danann Breathnach Detective Q, by Norihiro Koizumi Guard Dogs, by Vincent Duvall Gamers Circle, by Matthew Chung Pony Under A Painted Sky, by Bill Hallinan Feature Screening: WORLD PREMIERE Charlie White, directed by Samuel P.
On page 165, the names given the "three classes" into which the mythic Tuatha De Danann divided their society are absurd (even in "Celtic"), as are the translations provided for them.
Six months ago, Danann Breathnach was signing on the dole in Dublin.
Little, who was standing in for regular presenters Lisa Snowdon and Danann Breathnach, is currently starring in the West End show Presence, at London's Royal Court Theatre.
He continued to tour and record, including two albums with former De Danann singer Eleanor Shanley.
Russell went on to complete a double to put him back on top in the jockeys' championship when Tuatha De Danann gained due reward for her consistency when bolting up in the 2m2f handicap hurdle, never coming off the bridle in beating Parsons Hall by a dozen lengths.
The poem's title evokes the Celtic legends of submerged cities, in one of which the Tuatha De Danann are quartered after their defeat by the Milesians.
To assist her in rebuilding the castle are her brother, Cuchulainn, Danann, Stonemaster and centaur, Brighid, a Huntress and centaur, Brenna, a Healer, and many others.
Lugh led the Tuatha De Danann to victory in the second Battle of Magh Tuireadh.
And joint bottom-weight Tuatha De Danann has rock-solid each-way prospects in the www.