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large tropical butterfly with degenerate forelegs and an unpleasant taste

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Admittedly, the Danaids will be continuing to try to fill up the leaky barrel.
First comes the portico, visible from afar, then the statues of the Danaids which one will see as a group from a reasonable distance and then, on coming closer, one will be able to discern the image of Danaus among them.
The only exception is the statues of the Danaids, whose myth cannot easily be linked to the god; this point will be discussed below.
31 only that of the Danaids is not obviously linked to Apollo or any myth associated with him.
Richardson (1977:302) assures us that there is 'no special connexion between the Danaids and Apollo', but this is not completely correct.
He stoically attended medical lectures, on his way to adding "one more obscure name to the lamentable catalogue of bad doctors" when, one evening, he heard Salieri's Danaids at the Paris Opera.
He then moves on to a discussion of allegory in the Suppliants in which he describes and analyzes the story of the Danaids and Aphrodite.