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In Greek myth, how were the husband-murdering Danaides punished?
Mais cette quete ressemble par certains cotes aux efforts deployes pour remplir un tonneau des Danaides qui laisse toujours filtrer le danger.
As such, "the 'modern' [is] the time of hell," with its never-ending and never-changing punishments, with its mythic echoes of Tantalus, Sisyphus, and the Danaides.
Here, are the Danaides, Ixions, and Sisyphuses, eternally laboring to fill bottomless casks and to push back the falling rock, that is, to redefine the same dozen words whose combinations form the treasure of Speculative Knowledge.
Goddesses and women with vessels may be ubiquitous (think of the mosaic of Empress Theodosia holding her chalice, the Danaides with their leaking jars, or Renuka Devi and her miraculous water pots), but Goering's claim rests on chronological and geographical specificity: that this is the first image of the Virgin Mary with a vessel, and that this grail (meaning "serving dish" in Catalan, in the local vocabulary) predates the literary grail stories by half a century.
Allez donc, continua la princesse irritee, comme de nouvelles danaides, remplir d'eau sans fin des machines monstrueuses, sans que vous puissiez jamais en avoir assez tire.