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Inset top, Farhad Mahmud who was convicted of helping Danai Muhammadi, bottom
Other runnersup included Vicky Sankey, who claimed the House of Fraser gift package, and Virginie Danai, who was the winner of the Boots No7 beauty gifts.
Danai was one of the 22 Palestinian school students, 12 from the West Bank and 10 from the Gaza Strip, who took part in the international mental and mathematical competition in Malaysia.
The cast include Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and Danai Gurira.
Danai Muhammadi, 24, was told he will spend at least 38 years in jail before being eligible for parole for killing three generations of his own family.
Danai Muhammadi, 24, from Coventry, was fuelled by "spite, anger and resentment" when he killed Melissa Crook, 20, and their 15-month-old son Noah in Chatham, Kent, a court heard on Friday.
Danai Muhammadi, 24, was fuelled by "spite, anger and resentment" when he killed Melissa Crook, 20, and their 15-month-old son Noah by torching the house in Chatham Hill, Chatham, Kent.
Hours later her estranged husband Danai Muhammadi was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife and 15-month-old child Noah at the home of Melissa's mum and dad.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraq's Vice-President, Tareq al-Hashimy, has called on Iran's Ambassador to Baghdad, Hassan Danai, to demand his government to stop the unjustified bombardment of Iraqi territories, according to a statement by Hashimy's office on Saturday.
The winners of the weekly draws so far were announced as Asgardi Ujjinwalla, Edgar Villas Secuya, Raouf Nasser, Sanjit Kumar Mishra, Shanti Mani Danai, Semhar Mehari Tesfamicael, Gada Suhail MH Afiana, Anura Kumara Dingapathige Sewrangage, Vinay Gangadharan, Ma Cristina Alano, Denny Ambadan Varghese, Gopi Madathil, Waris Miah Ainullah, Sheikh, Fouzal, Rabie Mahmoud, Shahidul Alam Taher, Dammika Thushan PK Don, Al Mohammed, Bahgat Mohammed and Kishan Kadduram.
Earlier this week, the new Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Danai denounced statements issued by Iraqi officials which accused Iran of intervening in Iraqi affairs.
Iran's new ambassador to Iraq, Hasan Danai Fard, told reporters in his first press conference in Baghdad that, despite West's attempts to prevent Iran's trade ties, Iran-Iraq bilateral trade ties will be doubled in near future.
The Aussie faded in sweltering heat against Thailand's Danai Udomchoke in the Davis Cup last week, but each match will help his condition and expect far better against Jan Hernych, whom he has beaten in all five of their meetings.
He now lives in Aglantzia in Nicosia with his wife Demetra Iacovidou and his two children, 17-year-old Nicholas and 11-year-old Danai.