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race of Celtic gods or demigods

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Brendish has owned Danaan Prince since his early racing days, when he was trained by Richard Hannon.
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Her uncle is multi-instrumentalist Tony Howley, her cousin, Colm O'Donnell leads the successful Border Collie Band and another cousin, Tommy Fleming has mapped out a successful solo singing career since leaving Irish super-group De Danaan.
Their founder, Danaan Parry, had died of a heart attack a year earlier, and the conference objective was to explore what to do with the organization now that its charismatic leader was no longer there.
Furthermore, in Irish legend there are a number of instances of people who live in some realm beyond the "real," the most prominent of whom were the magical Tuatha de Danaan who were reputed to live underground or in the ocean or beneath the sea.
As well as ditching her yoga routine for a diet of cigarettes and alcohol, she is leading a campaign to goad love-mad Paul Danaan into more moments of madness.
The Dagda was known as Father of the Gods, the Lord of Occult knowledge, and the leader of the Tuatha de Danaan (children or people of Danu).
Local colleen Danaan O'Doherty (Marci Hill), heartbroken over former lover Michael's departure, proceeded to have a child with Tadhg.
In times past they were believed to be the habitations of the mythical Tuatha de Danaan race.
As the invaders approach the island, Dalan, a Druid and Brehon who interprets the code of law, is desperately trying to strike a truce between Brocan, king of the Fir-Bolg, and Cecht, king of the Danaan.
Beings more like modem fairies -- the Tuatha De Danaan of Irish legend -- were definitely associated with the Bru na Boinne, the three great Irish passage graves of Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth in early medieval times (O'Kelly 1982: 45-7; O'Rahilly 1946: 516).
Most generally, it emphasizes, as the young Yeats would have appreciated, the legendary associations Innisfree had for both him and his father; and, more specifically, by placing the figure of the chieftain at the centre of things, it reveals both Yeats's indebtedness to William Wood-Martin's History of Sligo, County and Town (1882-92): there Wood-Martin described the island's connection to the legend of Free, an ill-fated young warrior, a story Yeats would use in 'The Danaan Quicken Tree' in 1893.
Danaan was used to refer to the soldiery; Argos, a geographical term, to refer to the lowlands of the Peloponnese and Hellas to describe northern or middle Greece.
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After this peek at the simmering ingredients in the Cauldron of Story, Annie Kinniburgh shows us what use Tolkien made of some elements of Celtic folklore by tracing similarities between Tolkien's Noldor and the Irish Tuatha De Danaan, demonstrating that his Elves owe at least as much to this heritage as to the Norse alfar.