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English phonetician (1881-1967)


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Teenage fly-half Dan Jones booted the west Wales region into an early lead with a third-minute penalty and played a part in the 15th minute move that nearly produced the opening try.
Dan Jones sent his conversion attempt well wide, before Glasgow roused themselves into action.
From left, | | Dr Chris Sutcliffe, Dr Dan Jones, Professor John Innes and Paul Whittle of Liverpool-based Fusion Implants, with Archie the dog
Britain's Bloodiest dynasty C5 9pm In the second part of the docu-drama, Dan Jones continues his look at the Plantagenet empire.
CHOICE Dan Jones Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty Channel 5, 9pm Powerful storytelling and dramatic reconstruction bring to life one of the most bloody and violent chapters in British history as Dan Jones explores the lives of the Plantagenets, who ruled England and much of France during the Middle Ages.
Pictured are Donna Wilde as Batman, Tracey Hinton as Wonder Woman and Carole Parker as Bananaman, Chris England as The Flash and Dan Jones as Spider-man.
The visitors stepped up a gear in the second half, resulting in tries for Dan Jones and Paul Sellwood after great work from Syme and Callum Bennett.
is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Jones to the position of Vice President of Corporate Development.
Deloitte's Dan Jones said the "significant" increase meant clubs were spending again at the level seen between 2007 and 2009.
Peter Wilde and Dan Jones have teamed up to put out a four-song record, "My Name Is John Smith.
uk international content director, Dan Jones, said: "The service records will provide millions of people with information to help them better understand what their heroic ancestors were like.
Now it's off to Georgetown University, where the daughter of Susan Hunter-Jones and Dan Jones of Harvard hopes to add to her legend.
Pcs Victoria Wade and Dan Jones and were about to pull into Stepping Hill hospital, Stockport, when Alicia gave birth to 6lb 3oz Bailey Jack.
Vaulkhard has teamed up with Prudhoe driver Dan Jones to compete in the cup, the world's largest endurance racing season which features races ranging from three to 25 hours in length.