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slender non-stinging insect similar to but smaller than the dragonfly but having wings folded when at rest

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While tipping the small bags of tiny pink creatures into the pond, I was lucky enough to watch a red damsel fly darting about over the surface of the water.
BUZZING: Wasp on flower' BIG PEST: Common house fly' Pictures: BRIAN VALENTINE/BARCROFTMEDIA' FANG-TASTIC: Orweb spider' SO FLY: Insect on camera' HAIR I AM: Close-up of dragonfly' ALL EYES: Damsel fly perches on garden leaf
RICHARD WRIGHT'S agent must think the Everton faithful have the attention span of a damsel fly.
In his first year, he won a national award for a silver enamalled damsel fly he designed, now worth more than pounds 1,500.
The largest rainbow at Draycote Water near Rugby came last Wednesday to Bedworth's Mal Pearce and weighed 7lb 6oz who fished along Barn Bank using a Damsel Fly.
Lee Ashcroft used a hot head damsel fly to catch four and the same number of fish came to Ken Pascoe's black hopper.