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a plant disease caused by a fungus

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Despite the alkaloids' promise in managing damping-off diseases caused by P.
If space is left between the soil surface and the rim of the container, damping-off fungus is likely to develop in the resulting dead-air space.
A Damping-off disease is a weak fungus which moves in the free water in compost.
10 If seedling collapse (known as damping-off disease) has proved to be a problem in the past, consider using a suitable copper-based fungicide with this first watering and again at the suggested intervals - it really works a treat.
Solution: These plants have the dreaded damping-off disease.
For example, the bioplastic has been shown to be an attractive method of incorporating beneficial Trichoderma fungi into potting mix to protect flowers such as impatiens from fungi that cause damping-off disease.
Make sure seed trays and pots are well scrubbed out - this should drastically reduce the risk of damping-off disease.
Use chamomile tea for watering seedlings to prevent damping-off fungus.
In the United States, damping-off disease, which is caused by the soil pathogen Pythium, keeps black cherry trees in check.
KEEP watering seedlings, particularly those just transplanted, with copper-based fungicide to avoid damping-off.
ADRIENNE SAYS: Your seedlings are suffering from a fungal disease called damping-off.