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Synonyms for dame

Synonyms for dame

informal terms for a (young) woman

a woman of refinement

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So, too, Henry III's lament under the sign of Dames d'honneur asks the whole of France to lament the commencement of the fifth civil war -- "Alas
Unknown hands produced Elizabeth's lament, the Regrets des Pr incesses & Dames de La Court sur decez de tresillustre Princesse, and the Derniers propos de haulte & vertueuse Princesse madame Claude de Valois in which the Duchess of Lorraine laments her own death, but we must presume that professional poets wrote them, either court poets such as Ronsard and Brantome, or now-anonymous poets who worked directly with printers.
In 1993, Dames & Moore bought Bovay Northwest Inc.
Marcus is in charge of the Dames & Moore office in Spokane, as well as the company's geoscience work in Portland, Ore.
IGC and Geneva have obtained a Court Order granting their Motion to Compel and requiring that Auric and Dames & Moore produce the specifics of the alleged assay and metallurgical recovery technology (collectively the "Alleged Technology") that was allegedly developed by Auric and confirmed by multiple engineering reports by Dames & Moore.
The Court granted the motion requiring that the Alleged Technology be produced by both Auric and Dames & Moore for IGC's and Geneva's restricted use by its legal counsel and industry experts.
URS completed the acquisition on June 23, 1999, through a short-form merger of its wholly owned subsidiary into Dames & Moore after accepting 17.
Financing for the Dames & Moore acquisition consists of $550 million of senior bank debt arranged by Wells Fargo Bank, N.
With the tender offer completed, URS now intends to promptly complete a short-form merger of its wholly owned subsidiary into Dames & Moore under Delaware law.
Dames & Moore is a worldwide engineering and construction services firm, whose capabilities include general engineering and consulting, process and chemical engineering, transportation planning and design, and construction services.
The combination of the complementary technical and geographic strengths of URS and Dames & Moore will propel the new firm into the top tier of global engineering companies, and will enhance our ability to compete with the largest firms, both in the U.
The addition of Dames & Moore and its many highly talented engineers, scientists and project managers around the world will broaden our capabilities to include special expertise in program and construction management, process and chemical engineering, and multimodal transportation, particularly transit systems.
With Dames and Moore as their partner, the TurboGenerator(TM) power system will inevitably become the leading choice for on-site power generation in these countries.
The Dames & Moore Group comprises the following companies and their subsidiaries: Dames & Moore, Walk Haydel, O'Brien Kreitzberg, BRW, DecisionQuest and Dames & Moore Ventures.
The Welsh chanteuse released her first single when she was 19 and was made a dame in the Millenium New Year's Honours for services to entertainment.