Dame Nellie Melba

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Australian operatic soprano (1861-1931)

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She chaired the Victorian Orchestral Services Review and is currently on the Board of the St Vincent s Hospital Advisory Council, the Dame Nellie Melba Opera Trust and the Victorian College of the Arts Foundation.
PEACH MELBA AUSTRALIAN opera singer Dame Nellie Melba was an inspiration to chefs who created both dessert Peach Melba and Melba toast in honour of the famous soprano who died in 1931.
Dame Nellie Melba New Frontier (Aussie Heroes), 2010 ll7pp $14.
Her grandfather's tour diaries of England in 1930 contain lengthy entries of shows he saw, including a recital by Dame Nellie Melba.
The archive belongs to the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music in Melbourne which will close its doors as an independent teaching institution at the end of this year to become the Dame Nellie Melba Opera Trust.
It seems Lammonie was a world class flute player and became a musical advisor to Dame Nellie Melba.
Dame Nellie Melba was a celebrated Australian diva who famously in 1924 embarked on a seemingly unending series of "positively my last performance" appearances, each of them ending in a deluge of tears with vast bouquets being hurled from the auditorium into her arms and ample bosom.
PEACH MELBA (SERVES 4) Legend has it that Dame Nellie Melba, the legendary Australian soprano, lent her name this impromptu dessert, which had been thrown together by the great chef Escoffier in a fit of passionate expression, to celebrate the singer's performance of Wagner's Lohengrin.
She has made many recordings and provided the voice for the title role in a TV mini-series called Melba, about the great Australian soprano Dame Nellie Melba.
Who has landed the role of famed singer Dame Nellie Melba in Downton Abbey?
Dame Nellie Melba had to open an ice cream shop and Sir Francis Chichester had to do something which I can't recall because Wikipedia is offline, but it must have been cool because they named a flaming town after him too.
Kiri plays real-life Victorian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, who was one of the most famous performers of the era.
ANSWERS QUIZ OF THE DAY: 1 "Daddy" Warbucks; 2 Nirvana; 3 John Adams; 4 Brazil; 5 Idiot Savant (knowledgeable idiot); 6 New York; 7 Six; 8 Baywatch; 9 A bird; 10 Dame Nellie Melba.
ANSWERS: 1 "Daddy" Warbucks; 2 Nirvana; 3 John Adams; 4 Brazil; 5 Idiot Savant (knowledgeable idiot); 6 New York; 7 Six; 8 Baywatch; 9 A bird; 10 Dame Nellie Melba.
But there'll be scandal and snogging to lighten the mood, plus a party midway through the series featuring the singing talents of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa as Dame Nellie Melba.