Dame Edith Sitwell

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English poet (1887-1964)

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Among various commercial recordings of Facade is a fascinating but only partial rendition with Dame Edith Sitwell herself and tenor Peter Pears.
Next: a framed photograph of Dame Edith Sitwell on the Federal-style mantelpiece, gazing into the room with the imperious glance of Minerva; and hung on the wall above, an oil painting of a young man who could have posed as the callow Malcolm from Purdy's novel of that name, his first.
It is quite right of course, I am as ugly as Dame Edith Sitwell was.
I mention Osbert partly because it's a great name, and I like saying it, and partly because his sister, Dame Edith Sitwell, used to smoke cigarettes in a long, black cigarette holder.
Dame Edith Sitwell allegedly proclaimed it "entirely without soul like a dead fish stinking in hell," an assessment that defines its lasting appeal as a proto--Blank Generation artifact.
After moving to Los Angeles, she hosted Nin and Dame Edith Sitwell at her own bookstore, Berzon Books.
He was hotly supported by his fans, including Dame Edith Sitwell (she judged him "that very rare being, a born writer"), Cyril Connolly, Vita Sackville-West and John Lehmann.
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