Dame's violet

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long cultivated herb having flowers whose scent is more pronounced in the evening

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Their foodplants are crucifers such as cuckoo flower, Jackby-the-hedge, honesty and Dame's violet.
Dawnus is an unraced daughter of Night Shift out of dual-winning miler Dame's Violet, and runs in the Bridget Maiden
There is also a host of unusual period flowers with intriguing names such as Obedient Plant, Dame's Violet and Bear's Breeches.
Varieties of authentic early 19th-century plants are being grown, with names such as Marvel of Peru, Dame's Violet and Bear's Britches.
Other ornamental plants found tucked away in the background of this vast family include such springtime delights as arabis, aubretia, the Cuckoo-flower, Cardamine pratensis, honesty, Lunaria annua and a little later, the candytuft, Iberis and the beautifully scented Hesperis matronalis, Dame's violet or sweet rocket.