Damaraland mole rat

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colonial mole rat of western Africa

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When a Damaraland mole rat queen dies, a daughter does not step into her paw prints, and the colony breaks up.
Even in an operating colony, a Damaraland mole rat now and then tunnels off in search of a new living situation.
Yet for years at a time, a Damaraland mole rat colony functions much like a naked mole rat colony, despite the Damaralands' lower relatedness.
NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND Bennett says that he got interested in Damaraland mole rats when he came to South Africa in the early 1980s to do graduate work with Jarvis.
Damaraland mole rats turned out to resemble naked mole rats in many ways.
Damaraland mole rats bring chunks back to store in chambers in the burrow system.
OEDIPUS RAT Despite the similarities between the naked and Damaraland mole rats, there are differences.
However, Damaraland mole rats in a natural colony match only about half of their genes.