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Dal spoke Tuesday at a briefing in Sofia, saying his political formation strongly condemns the attack and firmly rejects any hints and claims it could be linked to it.
On Tuesday, Dal and Ismailov also condemned the thrashing of the attacker after he was already pushed to the ground and was held down helpless.
Dal voiced strong suspicions the delegates who were the most aggressive in the beating would lead the DPS ballots in the upcoming general election.
Apple's DAL Server introduction was made in conjunction with IBM's announcement of AS/400 enhancements.
The DAL Server for AS/400 will allow Macintosh computers to transparently access relational databases on AS/400 systems.
Ismailov said in September, he and Dal are to bring together an initiative committee that will organize an assembly to found the new political party.
There have been indications that the new political formation to be founded by Dal and Ismailov may have closer relations with the Turkish government in Ankara than the DPS party.