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a port and shipbuilding center in northeastern China on the Liaodong Peninsula

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The Russians were to cede Sakhalin, transfer Port Arthur and Dalny as well as the railway between Harbin and Port Arthur, retain the Trans-Manchurian line subject to its use for nonmilitary and nonaggressive purposes, pay expenses of the war, surrender all ships interned in neutral ports, limit naval strength in the Far East, and grant fishing rights on the Russian Asiatic coast.
Porn actress Dalny Marga Valdes is screaming, and not because it's in the script.
Assignment number one was to lift the rails from Lauder to Alida, and Lyleton to Dalny.
TSX-listed New Dawn Mining Corporation (New Dawn), the owner of Falcon Gold Zimbabwe is set to sell its closed Dalny Mine the oldest mine in Zimbabwe in a deal worth $8 million to UK-based African Consolidated Resources (ACR).
ACR which is acquiring Dalny Mine is an AIM-listed junior resource development firm focused on Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique with projects spanning gold, nickel, platinum, copper, phosphate and diamonds.
A conditional agreement with New Dawn Mining subsidiary Falcon Gold Zimbabwe to acquire the Dalny mine, in Zimbabwe, for $8.
AFCR highlighted that the Dalny mine had an operational processing plant and ancillary infrastructure that could serve as a central processing plant for its Pickstone operation.