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a native or inhabitant of Dalmatia

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a large breed having a smooth white coat with black or brown spots

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FESTIVAL FUN: Taking part in the parade were Hearsall Primary after-school club with a 101 Dalmations theme, and play leader Debbie Cleeland as a punk fairy.
In one of the ads, a Clydesdale competes with a dalmation in a "can you top this" contest.
Jazmin Williams, of Cwmparc in the Rhondda Valley, wrote about her 10-year-old dalmation called Jasper.
Amanda Rooke sent in this picture of her dalmation Ruby, aged 16 weeks.
The rhyming text follows the daily efforts of a team of firefighting, anthropomorphic dalmation dogs, as they do what real firefighters do when called on to extinguish blazes and save lives.
Available in seven solid colors as well as pink dalmation, pink leopard, leopard, and giraffe.
Recognizing that the Dalmation Coast remains a hot destination in 2004, the award-winning luxury line has scheduled eight calls in Dubrovnik along with maiden visits in Split, Korcula and Zadar, Croatia.
Since his native Dubrovnik/Ragusa has always been in the focus of Barisa Krekic's long and distinguished career, it should be stated at the outset that what Professor Krekic does not know about that pearl of the Dalmation coast is not worth knowing.
The images, such as a penguin dressed in a bow tie with fish designs on its hat, a Dalmation wearing makeup and jewels, and a pig with a huge cake to eat, revealed how the students attributed human characteristics to their animal personalities.
PUPPY LOVE: Dexter the dalmation (left), who lives with owner Jessica Borros in Churchover, Rugby, has become dad to 16 cute pups (inset)
Hot spots DOROTHY Perkins gives animal print a new meaning with dalmation pattern heels, part of its new autumn collection.
Watto's got three dogs, one dalmation and two great danes, who are more like horses than dogs.
In which European country is Dalmatia, from where the Dalmation dog gets its name?
By airbrushing out flourishing neighbourhoods and adopting vibrant urban villages the coalition was, said Sir Albert, unveiling his soundbite, 'calling a dalmation a black and white spotted mongrel.