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a native or inhabitant of Dalmatia

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a large breed having a smooth white coat with black or brown spots

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Ruffle your stylish feathers in this black and cream dalmation spot blouse, pounds 28, from Miss Selfridge, left.
Your ports of call include Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Adriatic on the spectacular Dalmation Coast, beautiful Corfu, in the sparkling Ionian Sea, stunning Santorini and Kusadasi on the Turkish coast, with the chance for you to visit Ephesus, where the ancient ruins are amongst the finest in the world.
Andrew Hutchinson of Dalmation Creations Age: 28 Based: Durham His work: Andrew makes bespoke wooden furniture for clients, ranging from traditionally inspired to contemporary.
In one of the ads, a Clydesdale competes with a dalmation in a "can you top this" contest.
Jazmin Williams, of Cwmparc in the Rhondda Valley, wrote about her 10-year-old dalmation called Jasper.
Many rare species coming from Russia, such as black-faced spoonbill, saunders gull, baikal teal and the Dalmation pelican, use the area as a stop-off point.
The rhyming text follows the daily efforts of a team of firefighting, anthropomorphic dalmation dogs, as they do what real firefighters do when called on to extinguish blazes and save lives.
Available in seven solid colors as well as pink dalmation, pink leopard, leopard, and giraffe.
1) The Rodriguez family's Dalmation, Pepper, makes her way through the back yard of their Granada Hills home.
Since his native Dubrovnik/Ragusa has always been in the focus of Barisa Krekic's long and distinguished career, it should be stated at the outset that what Professor Krekic does not know about that pearl of the Dalmation coast is not worth knowing.
The images, such as a penguin dressed in a bow tie with fish designs on its hat, a Dalmation wearing makeup and jewels, and a pig with a huge cake to eat, revealed how the students attributed human characteristics to their animal personalities.
Q: My seven year old male Boxer cross Dalmation, Saxo, loses hair around his sides every year between April and August, but it grows back.
IT'S easy to spot why this shot of a delightfully dynamic dalmation shaking off snow is so prized.
Harvey the dalmation, from Ynysybwl, near Pontypridd, was found in Hampshire
But a push to bring them to Lane County didn't start until after Amy Linder, a Eugene deputy fire marshal, arrived in town about three years ago with Cody, her pet Dalmation.