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a large commercial and industrial city in northeastern Texas located in the heart of the northern Texas oil fields

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Following a wedding trip to Hawaii, the couple now resides in Dallas, Texas.
Halter Capital Corporation is a Dallas, Texas based investment banking and consulting firm founded in 1987, working exclusively with publicly held companies.
ESA will host a data room in Dallas, Texas, with purchase offers due in late January 2007.
Gosselin's presentation is part of the three-day conference, which runs from November 29 through December 1, at the Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas, Texas.
Most recently, Korman founded and served as president of IBKOR Consulting based in Dallas, Texas.
DALLAS -- General Energy Corporation, with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Montreal, Quebec, today announces a strategic alliance with Huizhou Engineering Co.
Produce Safety & Security International Selects a Larger Facility for North Carolina and Has Proposals for Two Distribution Centers in Dallas, Texas as Results of Increased Equipment Sales and Contracts for the Food Safety Process
A Baylor spokesperson commented, "Baylor Research Institute, Dallas, Texas, has acquired a Cryometrix ultra low temperature freezer system to validate for Baylor's intended application.
The company also recently hosted its 14th Annual Summer Splash Educational Conference in Dallas, Texas, featuring the latest educational materials and sharing of "best practices" information among pre-school and kindergarten teachers.
ATLANTA -- ADAMS Management Services Corporation (ADAMS), the leading provider of program management and consulting services for the healthcare industry, today announced the opening of a Dallas, Texas office location and the addition of Jeff Christmann to the ADAMS staff.
the "Company"), an independent oil and gas company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has exclusively engaged Energy Spectrum Advisors Inc.
The new company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas will focus on acquiring and/or developing a business in the online financial services market.
Founded in 1965, in Dallas, Texas, Lincoln currently has approximately 4,000 employees and maintains a presence in more than 200 cities in the United States and 10 countries throughout Europe.
DALLAS -- ABP Technology, a technology distributor specialized in VoIP headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is pleased to announce the VoIP Sizzles Tour 2006, a nationwide Roadshow for Resellers.
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