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(Old Testament) the Philistine mistress of Samson who betrayed him by cutting off his hair and so deprived him of his strength

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a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive

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People like Professor Aref Dalilah in Syria, who was sacked from his university post for his outspoken views calling for freedom of expression and condemning corruption.
Two days later, other activists, the most prominent of which was the economist Aref Dalilah, were locked up.
I am grateful to the public, who asked all the hard questions, and particularly indebted to Professor Cailler, as well as to Hedi Abdel-Jaouad, Bernard Aresu, Reda Bensmaia, Dalilah Hannouche (whose take on Loin de Medine considerably differed from mine), and Danielle Marx-Scouras, the patient convener whose gracious forbearance made fruitful discussions possible.
Pratt Institute - High School Junior Dalilah Muhammed wowed the crowd during the second preliminary meet of the nation's largest track series on Friday with a performance in the 200 meters on par with Olympic sprinters.
American Dalilah Muhammad earned silver at the World Championships last summer and is the reigning U.
Thaer Dalilah, an Arab expatriate in the UAE, said that he hires a car as he cannot afford to buy a new one after the government's 20 per cent deposit rules.
org WCIT 2008 & Related Events Secretariat (Media) Dalilah Ibrahim Office : +603 8315 3344 H/P : +6012 328 1727 Email : dalilah@mdec.
In other finals on the third day of the meet that runs through Sunday, Dalilah Muhammad of Jamaica, N.
President Bush calls on the government to release all political prisoners, including those arrested after the Damascus Spring: Arif Dalilah, Riad Seif, Mamun al-Homsi, Walid al Bunni, Habib Issa, and Fawaz Tello.
The release of Syrian political dissident Aref Dalilah proves that France has been putting pressure on the regime to respect freedom of speech and human rights, he said.
They are: David Gonzalez of Van Nuys, Belvedere Middle School; Armando Rey Ramirez of Ventura, Channel Islands High School; Amado Ruiz of Redondo Beach, 122nd Street Elementary; and his twin, Salvador Ruiz also of Redondo Beach, Nevin Avenue Elementary; Dalilah Segura of Downy, Garfield High School and Gina Garcia Valentino of Los Angeles, Roosevelt High School.