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surrealist Spanish painter (1904-1989)

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Survey" consists of six written interpretations of a single frontal view (itself repeated six times) of a decaying plaster surface: The etiolated image would be impossible to identify without the texts and the Daliesque title.
Faithfully reproducing the art and text from one of Atlas's best-known ads, Flex's initial origin story in the pages of Doom Patrol is a surrealistic recounting of "The Insult That Made a Man Out of 'Mac,'" where, in the background, the Grim Reaper paces up and down the beach, cruise liners sink dramatically at sea, a flock of pterodactyls roam the sky, and the persistence of a Daliesque clock obscures the temporal location of the flashback as it melts on the sand.
It can be anything from two planks of wood to a Daliesque sculpted piece of metal.
Indeed, to be in his company is to partake of an alternative view of the world and by this I do not mean one that is flaky or Daliesque or manufactured but one that is deeply scrutinized.
Recently completed by the Disney studio, this seven-minute gem features a wholesome Disney woman dancing across a Daliesque landscape of grotesque figures, broken bridges and eerie shadows.
One student used several discarded watches to create a Daliesque tribute to time.
Comedie de L'innocence Cert PG, subtitled After the density and Daliesque surrealism of his Proust adaptation Time Regain, Spanish director Raoul Ruiz is in positively playful mood for this disturbing Freudian psychological thriller.
Poems from the first decade or so often snap sharply from hyperbole and grotesquerie into Daliesque surrealism or fall into the prosaic opposite.