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surrealist Spanish painter (1904-1989)

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Narayanasamy and Chen Jian, Secretary of Committee of the CPC of Dali Prefecture and chairman of the Dali People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries here on Monday.
A highlight of the show is a unique interactive wall providing interesting information about Dali, ranging from childhood photographs to a virtual tour of his first retrospective in the United States.
CommScope is enforcing multiple patents from its digital DAS portfolio against Dali in federal district court in Texas.
The army lost Abu Dali during a powerful offensive by terrorists last Summer, which resulted in the ultimate expulsion of the government forces from Idlib.
Another route to the Dali and Datong area is via Shakadang Trail.
He suggested it was one of the portraits Dali was commissioned
This is one of the portraits Dali was commissioned to do of high society ladies when he was in the United States," Lawrence Saphire, art historian and author told The Daily Star.
Powered by 50 students who are selected through a competitive application process, DALI provides an extracurricular experience for students to learn coding and design through applying it to approximately 10 projects each term.
She brought her claims against the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation, which has controlled Dali's estate since his death.
Dali is buried at his museum in Figueres, close to the Costa Brava.
Salvador Dali ilustra Don Quijote en Nueva York en 1946 para Random House y The Illustrated Modern Library, creando una edicion ilustrada unica.
Also included in the exhibition is Dali's four-panel lithograph, 'The Rejuvenation of Time' which was done to be part of a dramatic stained-glass window display at Teatro-Museo Dali (Dali Theater Museum) in Figueres, Spain.
Le nouveau concours a la double vocation de promouvoir la jeune generation d'interpretes et de sauvegarder la memoire du grand cheikh Abdelkrim Dali.
It carries an invaluable introduction by Mark Burstein, author and president emeritus of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, and Thomas Banchoff, professor emeritus of mathematics at Brown University and a personal friend of Dali.
Hundreds of tonnes of tyres are left exposed, posing a high fire risk to the Dali and Potamia communities in the Nicosia district, the House Environment Committee heard on Wednesday.
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