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chief lama and once ruler of Tibet


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You can't talk about the Dalai Llama and you can be jailed for the smallest of things.
He has welcomed prime ministers to his home and has held conversations with the Dalai Llama and Nelson Mandela.
THE world is reeling from the news that the Dalai Llama is dead.
Both Yasser Arafat and the Dalai Llama have seized the opportunity to speak at the union, aware that their words would be reported around the world.
I am a card-carrying, bleeding-heart liberal, wetter than the banks of the Severn when the Bore's gone by and about as bloodthirsty as the Dalai Llama.
No major insights, but plenty of fond memories and the surreal sight of Debbie Harry posing with Tibetan monks while the boys take the mickey out of the Dalai Llama and get themselves off Richard Gere's Christmas card list.