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the lower house of the parliament of the Irish Republic


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Therefore all beings and entities partaking of a given data's tukwa are 'sacred' (bomaboma) to one another, making them 'closed' (katuboda) to members of other dala (or, in anthropological jargon, 'inalienable').
Hasiru Dala is a member-based organisation of waste pickers seeking to improve their working conditions and ensure continued access to recyclables in Bangalore.
Therefore, the objective of the present study was to evaluate the effects of DALA or COS supplementation in layer diets on egg production, egg quality and hematological characteristics.
The novel follows the career of a child violin prodigy, Little Baron Snorck, from birth to about fourteen years of age, while concentrating on his relationship with his parents, Dala Baballo and Verchadet von Chulnt.
DER der der der der, la la la la la, da da da da da dala la la, .
The Vestman Island trawler Dala Rafn began landing 125 tonnes of mainly cod and haddock at Hull this week to complete the quality revolution under way since the port's new Fishgate fish trading centre opened last autumn.
Ketter also uses readymades, as in Dala Lars, 2000, a rearrangement of walls torn from a Swedish home.
A member of the NLD said earlier that Suu Kyi was brought back to Yangon by force, ending a nine-day roadside standoff between her and military rulers in Dala, a small town across the Yangon River from Yangon.
Arizona Stronghold Vineyards has been recognized this year with more than twenty awards for the label's Tazi, Dala, Nachise and Site Archive wines, yielded from fruit grown in Arizona's high desert.
Currently nearly 50,000 workers from Dala cross the Yangon River by ferry every day to work in the city of Yangon, for the lack of a bridge.
Dala and Nezet-Seguin worked together on Gounod's Faust for Vancouver Opera in 2006, and he counts it as a great experience.
LANCASTER - Heavenly music will be wafting through the historic halls of the First Church of Christ Unitarian on Town Green - the sweet sounds of Dala and the chill-out vibes of Lori Diamond.
T road, Hashtnagri, Mena Bazar, Dala Zak road, Khyber Bazar, Auqaf Plaza, and various other areas.
Affiliated to the Indian Community Welfare Committee, DALA is hosting the mega event to commemorate its 30th anniversary celebrations.
Mae epigram gan y diweddar Dic Jones fel hyn: "Da i olwg medelwr Yw lleuad yn dala dwer.