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a member of the Siouan people of the northern Mississippi valley

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the Siouan language spoken by the Dakota

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Michels, which has a field office in Cedar Rapids, IA, will construct segments in Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota, totaling 380 miles.
The changing economy in North Dakota is increasing the demand on telcos in the state, as companies grow and adjust to keep up with the bubbling economy around them.
In addition to South Dakota, the Consulate General works in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and North Dakota.
The Matadors led by as many as 19 in the second half, but South Dakota chipped away and was never down by more than 12 over the final four minutes.
We had to be the land-grant university that North Dakota needed, not the one it could afford," North Dakota State University President Joe Chapman told attendees at a November 2005 conference on higher education sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
By 2001, the legendarily intractable Corps suggested that it was ready to make some changes in river flows, handing a victory to the sturgeon and the Dakotas--a day that the odd coalition of fishers, Dakota pols, Fish and Wildlife biologists, and conservation groups thought would never arrive.
David Bordewyk, general manager of the South Dakota Newspaper Association, said there are better ways to balance the personal right to privacy against the public right to view state records.
The North Dakota court noted that, unlike tenured professors, NDSU administrators could be terminated without cause subject only to an advance notice requirement, and, thus, their severance payments did not purchase any contract or property rights.
The '04 Dakota is long, but the '05 is longer: 218.
In 2001, Charlene Nelson, a stout believer in the Fourth Amendment, learned that a cabal of bankers, legislators, and the governor of her state of North Dakota were trying to undo a good state "opt-in" law requiring banks to get permission before selling their customer's financial data.
Today, the seven Sioux reservations in South Dakota rank among the poorest areas in the U.
On July 13, 2001 in Otis, Maine, five-month-old Dakota Alley was in a crib in the bedroom of his family's mobile home when a fire erupted in the kitchen and quickly filled the dwelling with smoke.
has entered into an agreement with Dakota I Power Partners (Dakota I) of Fredonia, North Dakota, to develop a 20-megawatt wind energy farm in Dickey County.
Before starting down his controversial road to cinematic fame, Micheaux settled in South Dakota and penned some distinctly autobiographical novels built around his life as an African-American pioneer.
The recent arrests of three South Dakota men on charges of intentionally spreading HIV have refocused attention on laws that make it a crime to expose someone to the virus--and the question of whether these laws really make a difference.