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the business of a dairy

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Within the framework of the forum there is an exhibition of domestic and foreign companies of the dairy industry, where dairy products, equipment for the dairy industry, and the results of investment projects of the Moscow region in the dairy industry are presented.
His passion for the dairy industry and endless voluntary contributions for over 30 years made him a clear winner in the eyes of the judges of the FUW-HSBC Award.
It said a hard border would create uncertainty around the ability of the Northern Ireland dairy industry to continue to operate successfully.
The Minister appreciated the role the Company has played in a span of just over ten years in developing the processed dairy industry of the country which has directly translated into achieving major market share in the dairy consumer market.
The Minister was briefed by Syed Saud Ahmed Pasha - Director Agri-services - on the Company's efforts to revolutionize the dynamics of the dairy industry by targeting the bottom of the pyramid farming community and improving their economics through agricultural and livestock extension services that has directly resulted in increased yields and better incomes.
dairy industry, bringing together the activities of the United Dairy Industry Association and the National Dairy Board through the formation of Dairy Management Incorporated, creating greater efficiencies in the national dairy promotion program.
However the reports alone are not going to deliver a fairer, more sustainable dairy industry.
The South African dairy industry produces so much that it experiences a surplus.
Data collected by the "Welsh Dairy Industry - Your voice, Your future" initiative will be collated by Promar International with help from Genus ABS field staff.
This report is an assessment of the Indian Dairy Industry, within the context of the global industry.
FORMER NFU president Tim Bennett was this week revealed as the winner of the annual FUW-HSBC Bank award for his contribution to the Welsh dairy industry.
Key players from the UK dairy industry are working with Asda and Defra on a [pounds sterling]125,000 project to create a new roadmap for the industry.
The launch of a new annual International Dairy Show in 2010 gives the dairy industry a great opportunity to focus on industry trends and to keep up with a rapidly changing marketplace," said Gary Vanic, president and CEO of Great Lakes Cheese Company and chairman of the IDFA Board.
EUROPE'S hard-pressed dairy industry has been guaranteed European Union (EU) financial support next year with the securing of agreement of the 2010 EU Euro 122.
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