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We are grateful to our visionary investors, whose support will enable us to transform the global food system by providing consumers with delicious and sustainable meat and dairy foods made directly from plants.
Addressing more than 100 member-owners, employees and guests at the co-op's 109th annual meeting in January, General Manager Pete Kondrup reported that the co-op had $30 million in manufactured dairy food sales and nearly $20 million in fluid milk sales.
Agriculture and Food Security Minister Peter Walsh today announced the appointment of three new members to the board of dairy food safety regulator Dairy Food Safety Victoria.
In a Swedish study, among 74,961 adults 45 to 83 years old, those who ate low-fat dairy foods had a 12 percent lower risk of stroke and a 13 percent lower risk of ischemic stroke than those who ate high-fat dairy foods.
Those who reported eating the most milk, cheese, cream, or other dairy foods were no more likely to die or be diagnosed with metastatic cancer than those who ate the least dairy.
Dr Jorge Chavarro, who led the research at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, said: "Women trying to have a baby should consider changing low-fat dairy foods for high-fat dairy foods.
But he added that after getting pregnant women should switch back to low-fat dairy foods.
Dr Judith Bryans, director of The Dairy Council, said: "This new study supports the findings of previous research, so there is a growing body of evidence which suggests milk and dairy foods could play a role in reducing the risk of colon cancer.
In addition, those who consumed more dairy foods were more likely to have healthier eating habits overall with higher intakes of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and lower intakes of sugar-sweetened soft drinks.
Titles include Dairy Foods, Prepared Foods, Food Engineering, FoodMaster, Assembly, Quality, Security, Security Distribution & Marketing, Supply House Times, Industrial Paint & Powder and Pollution Engineering.
Storey said NZ Dairy Foods would like to be involved in the Australian dairy industry shake-out.
A recent review article examined the evidence of a relationship between dairy foods and bone health and considered the following questions:
The two organizations agreed that the transfer would create an opportunity to place a renewed emphasis on highlighting the importance and value of American-made dairy foods.
Washington, Dec 1 (ANI): A calorie-restricted diet higher in protein, mostly from dairy foods, and lower in carbohydrates coupled with daily exercise has a major positive impact on bone health in overweight and obese young women, a new study has claimed.