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and Energy Efficiency Options for UK Dairy Farms, was compiled in partnership with the supermarket group's Farm Programme, which focuses on how research and development can create a sustainable farming sector.
Since last summer, he said, 20 dairy farms in the state have closed.
Through it all, the individual dairy farm has survived as a viable economic unit.
The company remains true to its vision for a more organic planet, purchasing milk from 400 certified organic dairy farms and providing certified organic dairy products to natural foods retailers and supermarkets across the country.
Only about 1% of dairy farms are run like this and I have visited such farms.
Some 50% to 75% of water used on dairy farms is by livestock for drinking, and while this amount cannot be reduced, alternative sources to mains water can be considered.
Since 1982, more than 600 dairy farms have been lost in Massachusetts, leaving only 67 now in all of Central Massachusetts.
We are delighted to add this facility to our network of organic dairy farms so that we can meet that demand, and make organic milk and butter more affordable and more available for American families.
As a result Yorkshire and the North-East has seen the number of dairy farms fall from 2,371 in 2000 to 1,367 in 2005.
In 1995, there were over 28,000 dairy farms in England and Wales, but by the end of 2006 there were just 13,000 - and 31% of those plan to leave within the next two years.
There may be fewer dairy farms, but consumption and demand for milk and dairy products increase year after year.
In 2006, the company expanded into two new states - Virginia and Massachusetts - and welcomed 64 certified dairy farms to its rapidly growing family of farmer-partners.
Modern Dairy is one of the largest operators of centralized large scale dairy farms in China.
Younger generations are cautious about taking on the family tradition, so over the next few years, many dairy farms will disappear with no one keen to take on the job.