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a farm where dairy products are produced


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Since its inception in 1909, when the University Farm invited the community to view its new dairy barn, Picnic Day in Davis has grown into the largest student-run event in the nation.
Located in Christchurch, Bournemouth, UK, this project was installed on a dairy barn with a total roof area of over 1200 square meters.
Steve and Melissa Ford of Bloomer, Wisconsin, were in their dairy barn doing chores on Friday, February 5, when they noticed their home was ablaze.
Kaia Bergsma and her father, Kent Bergsma, recently moved their Mercedes parts and manuals Internet sales facility from an old county dairy barn to a 1,900-square-foot office/ warehouse building in Irongate.
Collar tie beams, salvaged from a dairy barn, and ceiling board paneling, salvaged from a church, both from Heritage Salvage (see above).
The dairy barn, herd of Holsteins, horses and farm stand sit on the left side of Chesterfield Road while the Learning Center, sugarhouse, rabbit hutch, chicken coop, greenhouses and nature trails sit back on the right.
Plans for renovation of the old dairy barn soon got underway, and after eight months of construction, its renovation was complete this past summer.
This was a dairy barn, usually housing fifty-eight black and white Holstein cows along with a half-dozen calves.
Grandy Oats has been making granola in a 100-year-old former dairy barn since 1979, and owners Aaron Anker and Nat Peirce (two University of New Hampshire graduates, both of whom drove VW vans in college) proudly proclaim, "In 2004, we estimate that we used 100 acres of organic oats--grown on land that was not poisoned with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, near rivers and wildlife areas that did not absorb chemicals and by farmers who did not have to handle chemicals.
Swine production was phased out in the mid 1980s, the dairy barn was shut down in 1990, and cattle on the farm has been reduced from a herd of 300 beef cows and 100 dairy cows to only 48 head, Shapiro said.
Selling points: Five bedrooms, a former dairy barn with four stables, dog kennels and a storeroom, a study and detached studio cottage within nearly 23 acres.
Flies were collected by hand, with a bug net, at various locations on the University of California campus, mainly the dairy barn, beef barn, and feedlot, from early July to mid-August 2003.
The goal of the BBP project is to interlock the public aspects--transportation and transit improvements, park development, and preservation of the historic Blue Ball Dairy Barn and other historic structures--with the private aspect, which involves the expansion of a corporate headquarters located on U.
Her quilt is on view at the Dairy Barn Cultural Arts Center here through the end of September.