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Synonyms for daemon

an evil supernatural being

a person who is part mortal and part god

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Rollo May, an existentialist psychologist, was one of the first to focus on the daimonic side of our nature, which he described as "both creativity on one side, and anger and rage on the other side, as coming from the same source.
When outer mediation broke down, inner, daimonic mediation took over, for better or for worse.
The sacrifice for ethic and aesthetic beauty, absolute morality, creative, daimonic existence, as Blaga would say, the courage of assuming decisions, dignity, pure friendship, altruism, are essential existential principles of Wittgenstein, the solitary thinker, a Romantic daimon recomposed in Mircea Flonta's fascinating critical history.
Aristotle tells us in his essay "On Prophesy and Sleep" that sleep is part of nature--the nine dormant maple trees remind me of that--and that dreams are messages from the border territory of the daimonic, which lies between divinity and humanity.
Aske notes that "in no other poem of Keats does tile classical geography seem so solid and palpable," though his reading of Lamia as a triumphant dematerialization of antiquity and its daimonic fascinations leads him to characterize this as only "the illusion of presence, an identifiable scene in which the text might situate and fix its fictions.
Although I mention the daimonic figuratively here, in Gypsy flamenco, there, in fact, exists a "ghost" or "spirit"--the duende--which is the inner force that, when "possessing" the singer or dancer, is credited with creating the Gypsy's most impassioned and profound artistic statements.
Merrily believes the daimonic concept explains why police and trappers have never caught or killed a giant cat and dismisses suggestions the cats are ghosts, like the mythological Black Dog.
In this investigation I will discuss how Socrates' daimonic voice has a surprisingly central role in Hegel's account of his philosophic revolution.
13) [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "'How is it that the daimonic descends and clear-seeing emerges?
The fourth stanza markedly intermixes abstract and daimonic love.
Examples include the emphasis on such ideas as the daimonic [shen], the understanding of the effects of realized ritual or filial piety, the role of cosmogonies in the understanding of human action; and even the significance of Confucius's or Mencius's own sense of their missions as arising from Heaven's "will.
Baudelaire the poet has a special daimonic vision insofar as the poet has insight into the daimon described by Hesiod as unseen by the one being influenced (Jaeger 52).
David Farrell Krell, "Shattering: Toward a Politics of Daimonic Life," Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 14 (1991): 156.
22) The actual charge was that Socrates did not believe in the city's gods, corrupted the youth, and introduced new daimonic things (daimonia).
Xenophon's eros for what is highest and best makes him receptive, in the dream sequence, to an inner, guiding vision, much as Socrates was guided by his daimonic sign (Xenophon, Memorabilia 1.