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of animals except birds and mammals

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Lab experiments conducted in the past has suggested that some mammals could reduce their energy use by more than 90 percent with hibernation, and 30 percent with daily torpor.
The researcher calculate that the dunnarts could reduce their energy expenditure by up to 90 percent by using daily torpor, matching the benefit that other mammals get from hibernation.
Along with that came the sleepless nights of anxiety, and the soul-destroying daily torpor of vainly looking for work, enduring the bleak horrors of the dole office and, later, trying to fill the empty daytime hours with - yes, I admit it - the solace of fags and the inane fug of comforting afternoon TV.
perotis exhibits year-long nocturnal activity and may enter daily torpor during December-February, decreasing foraging activity when temperatures are <5[degrees]C (Best et al.