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a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

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It's a wonderful opportunity, but as I discovered last year, the demands of producing the show are considerable,'' Trudeau said in a statement, "and my efforts to return to the daily strip while we were still in production had to be abandoned.
1954), which, entirely produced by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, includes both a "silent" homage to TV comedian Sid Caesar and a typically muscular slapstick parody of the daily strip Rex Morgan, M.
After the last original strip ran in February, newspapers began running daily strips from 1974 and will continue to run the strips consecutively.
Roberts and Campbell both insist that Watterson had to h ave some kind of formal philosophical training because the ideas and the language of many of the daily strips mirrored classic philosophical and ethical theories.
On the production side, Ho emphasized that MPT now turns out three daily strips of its own making.
Each day, working beneath a silver canopy of insulation that hangs from his attic ceiling, he produces two daily strips.
com offers bidders the chance to win two one-of-a-kind portfolios of Beetle Bailey art prints autographed to the winner and donated by Mort Walker, as well as signed copies of his new book, "Beetle Bailey 1965: Sunday and Daily Strips.
Every page is in full color, daily strips and Sunday strips alike
Contestants are asked to submit 10 daily strips, two Sunday comics, a title, and synopsis.
Along with his daily strips and a new book, he's working on a pilot script for a live-action ``Dilbert'' sitcom to be aired on the Fox network.
The agreement, a global first for the wireless entertainment industry, includes delivery of daily strips (Monday - Saturday) and a "Best of GARFIELD" on Sunday.
Daily strips are in their original black-and-white, while Sunday strips are reproduced in full color.
com to give fans a place to continue reading daily strips.
The writer, Tim Vanderburg of Lubbock, Texas, said Keane didn't seem to take to the idea at first, responding that he had daily strips finished as far ahead as next Christmas.