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the lower house of the parliament of the Irish Republic


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Mr O'Brien's barrister Michael Cush told the High Court it wasn't his client's intention to restrain what deputies can say in the Dail.
Mae defnydd meddyginiaethol wedi'u gwneud o'r dail, ac maen nhw wedi eu defnyddio i wneud i rywun gyfogi, i drin llyngyr, at rwymedd ac at gricymalau neu'r gwynegon.
Nominating Enda Kenny as Taoiseach on my first day in the Dail was a huge honour and personal achievement.
We would turn that (responsibility) over to a combatant commander," Dail explained, "and he would take care of the onward movement and supply of those forces.
Dail on GERRY DAIL DUBLIN The British Airways owner will make a formal offer within the next 28 days for Ryanair's Aer Lingus stake.
Draw ar gyrion Cors Bodeilio, roedd y gwydde bach yn amlwg iawn ar ganghennau'r helyg a blodau dail carn yr ebol (Tussiolago farfara; coltsfoot) i'w gweld yn ymddangos islaw.
Their aunt and party stalwart Mary O'Rourke didn't survive the massacre either and lost her Longford Westmeath Dail seat - and with fewer than 3,000 first-preference votes she joined her nephew on the political scrapheap.
When the Dail resumed the Independent TD again refused to take her seat and the session was suspended for another 10 minutes.
Roedd 'na hefyd gastanwydden y meirch enfawr a'i dail mawr yn newid i oren llachar a brown ac yn disgyn yn sypiau ar lawr y dyffryn.
But one of the most radical suggestions is that ministers should no longer be constituency representatives and should resign their Dail seats and nominate a successor when appointed to the Cabinet.
We have additional capacity in Memphis to accommodate the Tupelo volume plus new growth,'' said Dail.
RANK and file gardai have slammed TDs for using Dail privilege to make "shocking allegations" against the force.
Gwnaeth ei ddarlith ar Waldo Williams a'r gyfrol Dail Pren argraff arnaf, ac ers hynny ymddiddoraf ym mywyd a gwaith y bardd.
He also claimed that many politicians would put local, parish pump politics above the national interest and said neither stance lent itself to good debate or ideas in the Dail.
DEBATES on water charges and the Budget were thirsty work for TDs who consumed almost 10,000 pints in the Dail in the last year, it emerged yesterday.