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an oil town in eastern Saudi Arabia on an inlet from the Persian Gulf

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Sin embargo, de forma secreta, el reino permitio la entrada de mas personal estadounidense a la base militar de Dahran.
The contest was held at Kind Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dahran, Saudi Arabia last month.
KSA - Hayat Mall, Rashid Mall, Tahlia Mall, Red Sea, Galleria, Andalus Mall, Dahran Mall, Mall of Arabia
They will be joined by choirs from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dahran and Oman swelling their numbers to 150, one of the largest groups of choral singers ever assembled in the region, under the direction of conductor Alistair Auld.
Last year, Saudi Aramco celebrated with Sinopec, the government of Fujian district of China and ExxonMobil, the official inauguration of our joint processing venture in Fujian," says Saudi Aramco's president and CEO, Abdullah Jumah, after the signing ceremony at Aramco's head office in Dahran.
This is a dialogue about women joining the workforce," says Dowayan, who lives and works in a semi-enclosed Saudi Aramco compound in Dahran.
Stephen Franks facilitated a field season by sponsoring a short course at ARAMCO, Dahran, Saudi Arabia.
Robert Ankomah Opoku is Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Graduate School of Business, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, in Dahran, Saudi Arabia.
La Associated Press, que fue la agencia informativa que mas se beneficio de un sistema que convirtio a los periodistas en reporteros telegrafistas, envio al fotografo Scott Applewhite a cubrir el caso de las victimas de un ataque con un misil Scud cerca de Dahran.
The 1,000-pound warhead landed on a makeshift barracks for Pennsylvania National Guard troops near the Saudi seaport of Dahran.
One can look into this area and compare the results with that of Dahran & Ihenbery (1995) to see if it is justified that such stock be excluded from the tests.
A este siguio el de 1995 contra cuarteles de la SANG en Riad, y con la explosion, en 1996, de las torres de Khobar, en las afueras de Dahran.
Both plants will be built in Al-Jubail Industrial City, located on the Persian Gulf about 100 kilometers northwest of Dahran.
compounds in Lebanon and Dahran were attacked--but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone outside of the military who can give you any specifics about what happened and why.