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The area of what is now South-Western Niger is particularly interesting since it was arguably the geographical focal point of the competition, and associated boundary making, between three sets of political interests: the French moving eastward from French Soudan; the French of Dahomey (Benin) to the south; and the British of present-day Nigeria to the south-east.
Law (1986) montre combien la Traite atlantique consolide le royaume du Dahomey et comment son organisation centralisee est une reponse constructive au desordre provoque par les razzias d'esclaves.
Il etait le cordon ombilical entre le peuple algerien et celui du Dahomey [beaucoup plus grand que], a souligne Boni Yayi.
Las oscilaciones se deben, segun el autor, a dos factores, por un lado las dinamicas de la economia del azucar en Brasil y por el otro, las politicas variables del Dahomey que influian en el trafico Atlantico.
In Sub-Saharan Africa, there were at least two goddesses analogous to Aphrodite: the Yoruban Ochun, and the Dahomey or Fon, Erzulie.
Using a combination of genealogy and family lore, the book delineates Meredith's complex lineage--a heritage in which the bloodline of Dahomey kings in Africa intersects with that of the leader of the Choctaw Nation and the "founding father of White supremacy in Mississippi.
The 14 tracks presented here have never been issued outside of Africa and most of them follow the spirit and sound of the first volume, The Vodoun Effect, which was a selection of songs released by small and obscure labels from this tiny country, formerly known as Dahomey.
There was a German village, an East Indian village, an American Indian village, a panorama of the Bernese Alps, a Chinese village, an Austrian village, a panorama of the volcano Kilauea, a Dahomey village, a Dutch settlement, a Moorish palace, a Cairo street, the Wild East Show, a Japanese bazaar, an Irish village, an Eskimo village, a French cafe, the Hagenbeck Animal Show, a California ostrich farm, a tethered balloon, and the sixty-five residents of the Turkish Village, not all technically Turks.
The black characters that people Spook are the products of this destruction of prewar black intellectual and political culture: African Americans who believe they've won the battle for civil rights, but who have instead appropriated the purchasing power of the white elite (Freeman's girlfriend), men who have assumed the badge of the state (Freeman's best friend, a policeman), and working-class folks who have become each other's shortsighted oppressors in the urban squalor of the inner city (the Cobras, Shorty the drug dealer, and Dahomey the prostitute).
This article examines a war fought between the third French Republic and the Dahomey kingdom (in what is now the Republic of Benin) during the 1890s as an illustration of how foreign government forces engage in military conflict with rebel groups in geographically distant locations.
Second, Benedict will mark the 150th anniversary of the evangelization of Benin, commemorating the arrival in 1861 of two priests of the Society of African Missions in Ouidah, the main port and a center of the slave trade in what was then called the Kingdom of Dahomey.
The lower Benue, Gongola Basin, Middle Benue Basin, Upper Benue, The Yola Basin, The Anambra Basin, The Dahomey Basin, The Nigerian Chad Basin, The Bida Basin, The sokoto Basin and the Niger Delta Basin.
The study area was located in the Dahomey basin's tar sands belt extending from latitude 4[degrees] 15' E-4[degrees] 47'E and longitude 6[degrees] 36' N-6[degrees] 43'N, (Fig 1).