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small highly nutritious seed of the tropical pigeon-pea plant

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Now up to 6 feet, 1 inch, Dahl made the LHS freshman team and was the eighth man.
In a late season game on Barringtons floor, Dahl set the North Suburban Conference single game scoring record that sealed up the scoring title.
After the game he spoke to Dahl and offered him a scholarship, which Dahl accepted on the spot.
Roald Dahl has inspired generations of adults and children and as the world celebrates his centenary, it is a great honour to have this world-famous author adorn our aircraft.
Bernie Hall, Brand Marketing Manager, RDLE: Roald Dahl is widely regarded as the worlds number one storyteller.
Following Friday's release of Steven Spielberg's adaptation of BFG, which stars Mark Rylance, Wally's daughter Anthea Saunders, 68, describes the close bond her father shared with the Dahl family.
She said: "When Mr Dahl died his children wanted dad to go up and dig the grave.
Orlo Dahl worked in real estate and retired from Automotive Paints & Industrial in 1989.
Orlo Dahl is a member of the Kiwanis Club, and he has served on the board of the Central Oregon Council on Aging and the Redmond Community Concert Association.
Mrs Dahl said, ``Of course I worry about her, every mother, grandmother or step-grandmother worries about their children.
Mrs Dahl said she was quite concerned about her granddaughter's loss as Sophie ``loves her cats''.
Though no one could claim that he had hawser grease and coal dust in his veins (the closest he got was playing as a child on the floor of his father's offices in Bute Street), Roald Dahl is the product of the South Wales industrial boom.
Dahl would spend the rest of his life seeking to recapture this time and place.
However, there is no reason why reading Roald Dahl aloud should be restricted to the primary classroom.
We trust our narrators, especially when, like Roald Dahl, they address the reader directly, 'Why would that happen?