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French inventor of the first practical photographic process, the daguerreotype (1789-1851)

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There is no question that modifying Daguerre to include a step pool would greatly improve public safety at the dam.
Tintypes--Following the work of Daguerre, Hamilton Smith patented tintypes (also called ferrotypes) in 1856.
Bond noted that the light captured on this plate--the first photograph ever made of a star other than the Sun --"took its departure from the star more than twenty years ago, long before Daguerre had conceived his admirable invention.
Como escreve Tagg (1988: 41), o retrato foi rapidamente popularizado pelo daguerreotipo, quinze dias apos o anuncio do processo de Daguerre em Paris, ja haviam "pessoas em todos os quarteiroes realizando retratos".
The first Irish snaps date from 1840, a year after Louis Daguerre announced his discovery of the photographic process.
Il s'agit d'un portrait sur l'equipe nationale de football realise par Rachid Daguerre.
El 19 de agosto de 1839, se presento ante las Academias de Ciencias y Bellas Artes de Paris un invento que obtenia imagenes sin necesidad del dibujo o la pintura (1), cuyo autor era el frances Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre.
His historical claims consistently return to concrete examples, ranging from the immersive dioramas of Daguerre, inventor of the eponymous daguerreotype, to the Soirees fantastiques of Robert-Houdin, pioneer of modern stage magic and Houdini's namesake.
Niepce's ideas were later taken up by Louis Daguerre, who made a fortune from his 'Daguerreotype' process but did not acknowledge Niepce's contributions, with the result that it is often Daguerre and not Niepce who is today credited as the inventor of photography.
Mas tarde, Niepce se asocio con Louis Daguerre y experimentaron la tecnica con derivados de la plata.
Other recent Google doodles have been in tribute to Charles Addams, Mark Twain and Louis Daguerre.
Violette Daguerre said that Malek's conduct deviates from the observers' mission and decency towards those who gave him his task and assumed moral responsibility for his presence in the mission.
Confirmed speakers include: Mandie Campbell, Chair of the IOM National Strategic Board at the Home Office; Ivor Twydell, Gloucestershire Constabulary; Dominic Williamson, Revolving Doors Agency; Jane Daguerre, West Yorkshire Community Chaplaincy Project; and Phil de Montmorency, St Mungo's.
The first photographs were taken, by Louis Daguerre in France and William Henry Fox-Talbot in Britain.
Niepce subsequently entered into a partnership with Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre (1787-1851).