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Synonyms for dag

Synonyms for dag

a flap along the edge of a garment


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Associated with each node of a DAG that has at least one parent is a set of conditional probabilities.
We use seemingly unrelated regressions (similar results are obtained using ordinary least squares) to fit a structural equation model on the innovations from the ECM for each of the 96 alternative DAGs.
See text for details on how DAGs indicate causal and noncausal associations between variables.
Starting from a digraph representing a social community, different steps of preprocessing compresses the original digraph to a DAG.
Locally, for example within a basic block, a representative DAG can be constructed.
In addition, the application of innovation accounting in this study is different from most other studies in the sense that we use the causal ordering of variables, as indicated by the estimated DAGs, for the orthogonalization of the contemporaneous innovation covariance; as suggested by Swanson and Granger (1997), this step is crucial in providing sound inference in innovation accounting techniques.
Benefits include lower labour costs associated with dagging and shearing, and the animals are less prone to fly strike and dags.
DAGS DELIGHT: Dagenham's Craig Smith (centre) is mobbed after his opening goal
Norvatis giver hermed oplysningerne i denne pressemeddelelse, dags dato, og undertager sig ingen forpligtelser om at opdatere fremadrettede erklaeringer indeholdt i denne pressemeddelelse, der mENtte pENvirkes af resultater af nye oplysninger, fremtidige begivenheder eller andet.
We identified nine potential confounders and intermediate covariates a priori using directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) (see Supplemental Material, Figures S2A,B,C for total, prenatal, and postnatal exposure DAGs, respectively): maternal prepregnancy body mass index (BMI, continuous), maternal age (years, continuous), education (low, medium, high), smoking during pregnancy (yes/no), Roma ethnicity (yes/no), nulliparous (yes/no), gestational age (weeks, continuous), birth weight (kilograms, continuous), total breastfeeding (months, continuous), maternal gestational weight change (kilograms).
The computational workflow of the Modeling system is defined by means of DAGs (Direct Acyclic Graph).
Only an 86th minute equaliser from former England winger John Salako rescued Charlton boss Alan Curbishley's blushes after American-born Junior MacDougald had given the Dags a lead.
Sending rugs to Rugeley is as unlikely as dispatching dags to Dagenham.
It took an 86th minute equaliser from former England winger John Salako to spare Charlton boss Alan Curbishley's blushes after American-born Junior McDougald had given the Dags the lead.