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god of agriculture and the earth

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Another traveler, the Swiss Dominican Felix Fabri, sees what locals call the ruins of the Temple of Dagon, which was destroyed by Samson, and the house where the Philistine temptress Delilah seduced him.
In it, the inhabitants of the titular town have surrendered themselves to the power of the Esoteric Order of Dagon, "a debased, quasi-pagan thing imported from the East a century before" (596).
The third generation is associated with the grain-god--either the Hurrian Kumarbi or the Phoenician Dagon.
In it, Professor Carey took issue with Stanley Fish's interpretation of Samson's suicidal destruction of the temple of Dagon in How Milton Works.
First, risen Weirds such as Dagon and Cthulhu or Joseph Payne Brennan's slime, from the story of that name, retain every scrap of their enormity and power above the waves.
What is imperative is that he leads the likes of Confident Rankin, Newlawn Tock and Dagon Shield around the bend.
Through a series of experiments led by first author Yossi Dagon, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the Kahn lab, the scientific team showed that these pathways converge in an integrated phosphorylation cascade to mediate leptin action on the hypothalamus.
Born around the turn of the twentieth century, Min Thu Win and Zawgyi were leading proponents of Khit San, and they (along with Thakin Kodaw Hmaing, considered a national genius, and Dagon Taya) are seen as the grand forefathers of modern Burmese poetry.
In Paradise Lost, Moloch has a significant role: in the first book of the poem, he is the first devil (and fallen angel) to receive a mention in Milton's roll call of the twelve infernal disciples--a list that also includes Dagon, Osiris and Isis, among others.
when the ark is captured, Dagon cannot survive in the presence of the Lord (1 Sam.
He based this on a statement by former Mossad chief Meir Dagon, who told an Israeli newspaper that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was "getting paranoid and isolated, and hell-bent on war".
Introduction of the first women's column, "Yuwadi sekku" (Young ladies' eyes) in Dagon Magazine, which projected the image of the iconic young modem woman and her appropriation of knowledge work, a previously men-only domain and use of biographies of Burmese female intellectuals, historical figures and women's portraits helped stimulate female readership (p 69).
DAGON (2007): Botnet Detection: Countering the Largest Security Threat, Springer Verlag.
The Chinese agency, Dagon Global Credit Rating, has also attracted attention after it downgraded the United States for its massive debt overhang.
lt;p>Though he hasn't seen the Infoblox data, Georgia Tech Researcher David Dagon agreed that open recursive systems are on the rise, in part because of "the increase in home network appliances that allow multiple computers on the Internet.