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Synonyms for stupa

a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists


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in Java, has 72 little dagobas encircling a huge central dagoba, which rises above a ziggurat.
S, we strive to impact people and the environment in a positive way," said Larissa Rodzianko, brand ambassador for Dagoba.
Dagoba is donating $1 for every individual who signs up to learn about community volunteer activities at www.
As part of a new initiative, "Seed the Day[TM]," Dagoba is sharing thousands of free seeds across the country, and hitting the streets of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco on custom bicycles towing trailers of fresh herbs to give away along with botanical-infused chocolate.
Like cacao, gardens have the power to transform our communities, inspire culinary adventure and feed the soul," said Liz Kaplan, brand ambassador for Dagoba.