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an ethnic minority living on the Caspian Sea in southwestern Russia and Azerbaijan

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He said: "That Dagestani was dog sh*t the other night you's are all nuts.
The Islamic State subsequently announced, "[o]ne of the Caliphate's soldiers advanced with a car bomb towards a barrier set up by the apostate Dagestani police .
He declined to say whether he had seen other Dagestani radicals in Syria.
SANA'A, May 09 (Saba) - Army has killed a Dagestani al-Qaeda explosive expert and arrest two French al-Qaeda members, in southern provinces, military official said Friday.
In mid-January 2013, a Dagestani Supreme Court judge was killed, with the Caucasus Emirate's Dagestani branch, the Dagestan Vilayet, taking responsibility.
First, one should know that the main Muslim minorities in Russia are not Chechen or Dagestani (from North Caucasus) but rather Tatar (the 2nd ethnic group in Russia, and a third of the Russian Muslims) and Bashkir (the 4th ethnic group in Russia, 11% of the Muslims).
For "Story Demands to Be Continued," contemporary Dagestani artist Taus Makhacheva, with support from the Peri Foundation, traveled from Moscow (where she grew up) to Makhachkala (where she is now based) to stage this exhibition, which, curated by Alexey Maslyaev (of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art), is structured around the pattern of a Dagestani style of kilim.
Asiyalova (also known as Amaturah-man'), a Dagestani native, was the wife of Dmitry Sokolov, 21 years old, an ethnic Russian (whom she was responsible for converting to radical Islam).
Another attack came to light when the Nazi Party of Russia publicized a video depicting the decapitation of a Tajik and a Dagestani youth.
series of critically important contextual factors: Dagestani governance,
Asiyalova, the wife of Dmitry Sokolov, a militant from the Dagestani capital, Asiyalova, reportedly converted her husband to radical Islam and convinced him to join a terrorist group in Dagestan, officials say.
Russian security services also suspected Sokolov of making explosives that wounded 15 people in two attacks in the Dagestani city of Makhachkala earlier this year, the newspaper said.
Fifth-placed Zenit will never have a better chance of exploiting the chaos at the Dagestani club, but punters slow on the draw have missed the value as they are 4-9 after opening at evens.
Similarly, Taus Makhacheva's Carpet, 2006-a color video in which the artist rolls herself in and out of a traditional Dagestani rug- established speculations about the awkward relationships between objects, cultures and human beings.
The hardcore of Anzhi's supporters - the Dagestani equivalent of the Toon Army - are known locally as "The Wild Division," he said.