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an ethnic minority living on the Caspian Sea in southwestern Russia and Azerbaijan

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The militant was identified as leader of the "Kadarskaya" gang Mirzayev, a Dagestani law-enforcement source told Itar-Tass on Wednesday, adding that according to preliminary information, he might have sent two suicide bombers to Volgograd late in December 2013.
In the three-channel installation Let Me Be a Part of the Narrative, 2012, one feed streamed segments of an old Soviet documentary about Dagestani wrestler Ali Aliev, while the other two featured documentary footage of dogfighting in present-day Caucasus.
12) Nearly a year prior to his death, murdered Dagestani journalist
Russia's federal security service, the FSB, also arrested ten other Dagestani officials, including Amirov's nephew, Yusup Dzhaparov, the deputy mayor of Kaspiysk, a Makhachkala suburb.
The hardcore of Anzhi's supporters - the Dagestani equivalent of the Toon Army - are known locally as "The Wild Division," he said.
The announcement was made by Bassam Dagestani, Head of Manuscripts Restoration at Juma Al Majid Centre, who explained that the restoration of the 468 manuscripts took 13 months to complete.
Askar Magomedov, a sports writer for the Dagestani weekly Svobodnaya Respublika (which translates as Free Republic), praises the way he has chosen to invest in his hometown rather than buy a status club abroad, as Roman Abramovich did with Chelsea.
As was also said, a contact serviceman of the Russian Defence Ministry hit a mine in a forest in the same Dagestani district.
These programmes aimed to reduce tensions between Dagestani and Chechen villagers in the border regions after the invasion of some border districts of Dagestan by Chechen-led Islamist Brigade in 1999 (which served as the start of the Second Chechen campaign).
Indeed, the geographically based Dagestani jamaats cross ethnic lines and serve to ameliorate ethnic friction.
Edwardsville), who conducted field research in the North Caucasus, and Dagestani sociologist Kisriev (Caucasian studies, Russian Academy of Sciences) analyze the tension between influences from the north and the south in a majority Muslim region that remained in the Russian Federation after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a tension that overlies a far older tension between centralization and decentralization that many attribute to the mountainous terrain.
Russian investigators have identified the second suicide bomber who took part in the Moscow metro bombings last week as Mariam Sharipova, a 28-year-old Dagestani.
6) "Russia: Dagestani Leader Blames Foreign Intelligence for Upsurge of Violence," Regnum News Agency, December 10, 2008 (BBC Monitoring).
She is actually in love with a Dagestani named Ruslan, a florist's delivery driver who has the good luck to resemble a pop idol, which gets him not just Anna but lots of women.
The Dagestani Airlines flight from Makhachkala was reportedly ordered to return to the airport after it failed to transmit an identification signal.