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an ethnic minority living on the Caspian Sea in southwestern Russia and Azerbaijan

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Asiyalova, the wife of Dmitry Sokolov, a militant from the Dagestani capital, Asiyalova, reportedly converted her husband to radical Islam and convinced him to join a terrorist group in Dagestan, officials say.
He converted to Islam and the couple wed in secret before leaving the capital in 2012 to join local jihadist groups is Dagestan, a Russian republic that has become an (http://www.
It is the second blast in Dagestan in less than a week, where four people were killed and 40 others, including Russian military personnel, were injured due to a double explosion in the region's capital.
The suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings are ethnic Chechen brothers and the elder brother spent six months last year in Dagestan, now the centre of an Islamic insurgency.
The prime minister of Russia, Dmitry Medvelev, has said that if confirmed to be true, the frauds uncovered in Dagestan Bank could result in undermining the stability of the banking sector.
His Majesty highlighted opportunities available to forge closer trade and economic cooperation between Jordan and the Russian Republic of Dagestan with the participation of the private sector from both countries.
More than a decade after the end of a war against separatists in Russia's North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, Russian security forces continue to fight militants in other regions in the area besides Chechnya, including Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia, Dagestan, and North Ossetia.
If money talks, it won''t be long before Dagestan has its hands on the trophy.
There are frequent attacks in Dagestan and police shootouts involving militants believed to have been inspired by separatist fighters in neighboring Chechnya.
It said Razdobudko was believed to be a member of the Nogai Jamaat, an insurgent group based in Dagestan, a province at the heart of a growing Islamist insurgency fuelled by two post-Soviet separatist wars in neighbouring Chechnya.
FORMER Russian spy Anna Chapman, in her new avatar as a TV presenter, tried to uncover the mystery of a " miracle child" in Russia's Dagestan republic in the North Caucasus.
The plane, a Tu-154 owned by Dagestan Airlines, was forced to land at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport after its engines cut out.
The plane, a Tu-154 belonging to Dagestan Airlines, was forced to land at Domodedovo Airport after all three engines cut out, federal aviation agency spokesman Sergei Izvolsky said in televised comments.
By MAKHACHKALA, November 11, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Seven police and four rebels were killed in shootouts on Thursday in Russias Dagestan region in the North Caucasus, police said, where the Kremlin is struggling to contain an Islamist insurgency.