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(Greek mythology) an Athenian inventor who built the labyrinth of Minos


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His hard work over the last few years gives the Daedalus Fund the opportunity to help create a solid company that with our resources and support can grow into greater value.
Daedalus Financial Group formed a management team, sought out investment partners and successfully completed the transaction in a matter of months.
By adding the Daedalus event-based billing-support software to our Macara platform, operators can bill customers by event, rather than by bytes," said Polychronopoulos.
Daedalus Capital offers a "focused equity management" approach that: limits holdings to no less than 10 and no more than 25 stocks (currently it has 10); invests no more than 10% of initial assets in any one company; and develops a portfolio around three or four major themes.
Daedalus Venture Group, LLC is a Lawrence, MA-based independent venture research and advisory group, focused on the emerging communication technology sector.
Four decades later, a Russian satellite has suffered a systems failure and NASA brings back Team Daedalus to save the day.
Technology partnerships include Motorola, Palm, AKQA (formerly Citron Haligman & Bedecarre) WebTech Wireless, Vocera, Daedalus and IDEO.
McCulloch, founder and principal shareholder of Daedalus Building Systems ("Daedalus") announced the signing of a firm definitive contract covering an exchange of equity securities of their respective companies.
In a recent report, DVG Research (a unit of Daedalus Venture Group LLC) stated that "provisioning problems remain a major obstacle to DSL competing with cable modem services.
A prototype of the AMDC was designed, built, flown, and delivered to NASA Ames Research Center by Daedalus Enterprises, Inc.
Event: Burlington, MA-based Daedalus Venture Group, LLC will host an Atlanta-area venture capital networking event and panel discussion entitled "Moving beyond the consumer market: Enterprise-oriented wireless ventures.
The new 7m road will render access to the waterfront segment of Daedalus and will commence from the Broom Way junction at the east of the site.
In addition, Makerspace, a community-owned workshop from Newcastle, provided show and tell activities about 3D printers, and the Daedalus Group carried out demonstrations about some of the latest drone technology.
Public broadcaster WGBH News to air in-depth reporting series expanding on Daedalus research and expertise