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(Greek mythology) an Athenian inventor who built the labyrinth of Minos


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During our initial meetings it was clear that The Daedalus Group wanted to set themselves apart from the competition with a visually led website that would sell and showcase their services with some distinctive features, such as a panoramic header image.
Le projet DAEDALUS vise a repondre aux besoins des jeunes demandeurs d'emploi dans les marches du travail de la region mediterraneenne, en jumelant leurs qualifications et leurs competences avec les besoins existants dans les pays voisins.
As a result of the takeover of Daedalus, which has the biggest fieldwork centre in Romania, Millward Brown will be better positioned to tap long-term growth opportunities in the Balkan country and will boast a direct presence in the major Central and Eastern European markets, the buyer added.
In the foreground, a labourer slaughters a cow with his axe; diagonally opposite, modestly relegated to the background of the right-hand side, Daedalus is shown standing by the wooden cow he has constructed, covered in the dead cow's hide.
Another 11 explore such topics as youthful automata in three Old French poems, some literary devices in the Vie des Peres, Petrarch and the myth of Daedalus, uses and abuses of foundation legends as exemplified by Evesham Abbey, and St.
Moment comes from the author known for his Daedalus column and tells stories about scientific thinking and creators--including his own contributions to mainstream science such as his notion of chemical gardens in space.
Answers on page 18 Go figure 4 The fewest number of horses to compete in a Derby - the 1794 renewal won by Daedalus My favourite .
The inventor of the labyrinth, and of wings made of feathers and wax with which to escape the island that holds it, Daedalus helps himself and his son Icarus to fly.
Then he discusses ethics around it generally, preying on fear, precaution, global nanotech, nanomedicine, becoming better than healthy, making room for human dignity in the posthuman future, and revisiting Daedalus and Icarus.
2) Cited in Mia Bloom, "Female Suicide Bombers: A Global Trend," Daedalus, vol.
In the 21st century the daring vision of Daedalus has finally come true.
The four-part, 15-minute-long piece for a string quartet has been composed by Emmy Award winner Steve Heitzeg and will be performed by the Daedalus Quartet at the 19 August ceremony at UN Headquarters in New York," the statement noted.
To escape, Daedalus made wings for himself and his son, using feathers and wax.
Part man and part bull, born to King Midas's wife after Poseidon made her fall in love with a particularly desirable sacrifice, the king had Daedalus build a gigantic labryinth to hold the creature.
While Poseidon was enraged, Minos's wife Pasiphae became obsessed with the bull and persuaded the craftsman Daedalus to construct an imitation cow that enabled her to have intercourse with the object of her passion.