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Synonyms for daddy longlegs

long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite

spiderlike arachnid with a small rounded body and very long thin legs

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The KDB's Daddy Long Legs program was proposed by previous KDB Chairman Lee Dong-geol to help people neglected by the government's welfare plans or companies' corporate social responsibility activities.
The daddy long legs spider is also expert at killing off the other house spider species.
Best flies recently have been Small Black Dries, Hoppers, Daddy Long Legs and Fritz patterns plus Cats Whisker and Dawson's Olive.
Alton, the choreographer of Anything Goes and Pal Joey for the stage and White Christmas and Daddy Long Legs for the movies, was a student of the Bolshoi dancer Mikhail Mordkin, who toured with Pavlova.
The Korea Development Bank (KDB) said Tuesday that it delivered 10 million won ($9,000) to an after-school tutoring program operator in Seoul, as part of its KDB Daddy Long Legs philanthropy program for the underprivileged.
Patterns: Daddy Long Legs, Sedges, Black Gnat, Orange Gladiator.
I SPIDER APPARENTLY the UK has a record number of daddy long legs this autumn as a result of a late warm summer.
Top flies at present are: Bibio, Black Buzzer, Black and Peacock Spider, Black Muddler, Hoppers, and Daddy Long Legs.
Daddy long legs prefer the warmth of homes and cannot survive outside in the winter months.
He has been feeding the spiders, mainly giving them other insects, spiders and daddy long legs.
On the upside, if we ever get attacked by a giant daddy long legs we'll know where to take it.
O'Brien, whose Daddy Long Legs won last year, saddles Lines Of Battle and along with Hannon's Law Enforcement, the duo bid to stop Bin Surour, de Kock and Mahmoud Al Zarouni who are all double-handed in this $2 million (Dh7.
George Vancouver could also be a possible for the UAE Derby, which the stable took a year ago with Daddy Long Legs, now trained by Mike de Kock.
Under a masterful ride from the trainer's son Joseph, the 5/1 chance was quite happy to bide his time as stablemate Daddy Long Legs held a clear lead in front.
Summary: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Daddy Long Legs has won the $2 million UAE Derby, holding off a late charge from Yang Tse Kiang to give trainer Aidan O'Brien at least one victory Saturday.