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a complex of females

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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the whole shebang is one big metaphor for her extant psychosis aggravated by a number of factors, such as a lifetime of daddy issues and surviving a brutal Viking raid that took away her lover.
I have some daddy issues but I'm working through that with the shrink, who was also my last boyfriend.
We know people with drug issues and we know people with daddy issues.
The hero has special powers, sure, but also a loving daddy, a lovely wifey, an attractive moll and a villain with severe daddy issues.
Women with daddy issues usually aren't so much attracted to bad boys as to men they can't have.
Lauren has daddy issues, a derailed career as a doctor, a treacherous mother who had an affair with Lauren's psychotherapist, a brother who is a successful if not talented artist, and an ex-husband who she met when they were both medical volunteers in Chad.
Summary: The old cliche is that Americans trust the Democrats with the mommy issues, education, social welfare and the like, but they look to the GOP for the daddy issues, ie.
Likewise, the title of Barack Obama's autobiography Dreams From My Father testifies to the author's daddy issues.
Perhaps because many cartoonists fall in love with their craft before they can even read, the comic book is among the most Freudian of art forms, filled with boys wrestling with daddy issues.
There she observes Strathairn and Weisz's splitting alcoholic couple, and later winds up driving around Nevada with a drawling gambler (Natalie Portman, peroxided and not very convincing in any other way, either) who has daddy issues.
Ted allows himself to deal with his own daddy issues when a school friend turns out to be a leather master, Dr.
Ferdinand is an attractively simple hero, the peace-loving slacker, the gentle giant whose appearance leads to him being misunderstood AaAaAeA la Herman Munster and Casper t Friendly Ghost -- but the film muddles that simplicity, enlisting him in heroic feats like organising an escape from the bull training camp, not to mention saddling him with the inevitable daddy issues.
Also I felt that there were things that the audience wanted to see that they never got to see, I felt very strongly that seeing Harry and Eggsy fighting side by side was something that people would get a kick out of and also there are still quite a few daddy issues left to be resolved I think.
The classic daddy issues and marital problems also found a place in the odd (www.
com)-- Often hailed as "the B-52's on steroids," Daddy Issues is a high-energy band from Southern California that entertains audiences with fun, sexy shows and loud guitars to match.