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an informal term for a father

a nihilistic art movement (especially in painting) that flourished in Europe early in the 20th century

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Burian's first version of the material (1928) was a purely Dadaistic, self-consciously bizarre trifle based on improvisation, which did not even try to engage with original, but Burian returned to the play twice--once producing an incomplete treatment in 1949 and finally an opera version in 1956 with the changed title Racte odpustit [Be so good as to forgive].
The apparently chaotic or dadaistic quality to happenings is not reflected in your talks.
His technique resembled that of the surreal school of poets, ranging from a powerful, visionary lyricism of satirical, near dadaistic leanings, to the more prophetic tone that can be found in his political poems.
118) As a result, racial-determination games often produce judicial opinions riddled with internal contradictions and dadaistic logic that find Arabs to qualify as white in some situations and nonwhite in others.
The band's roots were in the artifice and nostalgia of English music hall, qualities Innes has brought to much of his subsequent work, and their dadaistic approach (they were originally called the Bonzo Dog Dada Band) endeared them to the burgeoning counterculture of the late 1960s.
There's a neat dadaistic eccentricity in the scene that inspires the title (in which Maggie Smith trots off to make nice with Il Duce), offering a fleeting suggestion of the picture that might have been.
It's a great, Dadaistic video, filled with all sorts of random nonsense, allegedly suggested to the band from its manager, who says the band is "one of my 10 favorite projects.
When Cartoon Network first introduced its Adult Swim nighttime bloc, the notion of cheesily animated shows with corkscrew plotting and Dadaistic nonsequiturs was a fresh one.
Although one folder includes early pieces by Komar and Melamid, Zakharov's genealogy does not feature his own 1981 series of Dadaistic self-portraits, "I Have Made Enemies," a work far superior to The History.
The song was everywhere, with its catchy music and its Dadaistic lyrics.